Prince Harry Really Left The Monarchy For Prince William Says Royal Expert

If you are to believe the claims of royal author Nigel Cawthorne, Prince Harry ditched the U.K. not because of his oft-repeated desire for privacy, but because he didn’t want to annoy Prince William. In an interview with British tabloids, Mr. Cawthorne compared the relationship dynamic of Prince Harry and William to that of Prince Charles and Prince Andrew.

While he acknowledged that the brotherly relationship between Harry and William was much closer than between Charles and Andrew, Mr. Cawthorne pointed out that, “One day the realization comes for the younger brother that they drew the hereditary short end and it causes tension and a struggle for independence from each other.”

That might be particularly true for Prince Harry. Indeed, some believe Prince Harry moved to America to get away from the fact that he is likely never to become king. Indeed, those who have watched Prince William and Prince Harry over the years know that when they were children, Prince William would often say that he didn’t want to become king. Following these statements, Prince Harry would pipe up and tell William to give him the job, he’d take it!

Harry Needed To Be King Of His Own Destiny

In olden days when the younger brother to the Heir Apparent became jealous (some say like Prince Harry) one could be sure that an assassination plot would be formulated. However, these aren’t the dark old days, and Prince Harry is not likely to harbor the kind of murderous nature that some princes within Britain’s history certainly did.

In order to be true to himself, to recognize that he was frustrated beyond belief with his life as a second son, Prince Harry chose to distance himself and make a go of independence. As Mr. Cawthorne also pointed out, “In their daily life at the court, no matter what they did, they would always be seen as the junior family. Rather than get on his brother’s nerves, as they might well have if he had stayed, he (Harry) was ready to try to carve out something new.”

Whether one believes Prince Harry has been successful so far or not, it’s clear that he’s made an effort to direct his own life’s path.

Prince William Had Nothing To Do With It

While Mr. Cawthorne’s suggestions paint Prince Harry’s actions as those of a loving brother who just wanted to spare Prince William the annoyance of having an ambitious brother constantly trying to share the limelight, the book “Finding Freedom,” portrays things perhaps a bit more realistically.

According to the book by co-authors Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle didn’t like having to constantly play second fiddle to Prince William. Thus, if the Finding Freedom account is true, moving to America wasn’t about trying to spare William any annoyance. It was to spare Prince Harry any further annoyance and frustration with his own family.

Some believe the bottom line is this: Prince Harry wanted to be king. As Prince William has had kids, Harry’s chances of sitting on the throne have lessened significantly. Despite his claims of hating the limelight and wanting privacy, Prince Harry hated being the second tier. The Duke of Sussex needed an escape where he would no longer be in Prince William’s shadow.

Meghan Markle and America provided the avenue for that escape.

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