Prince Harry Not “Fit to Rule” According To British Figurehead Ruler

For those who don’t know much about the British Royal Family’s line of succession, especially in connection with Prince Harry, here’s a bit of information. The very first thing that everyone should understand is that the odds of Prince Harry ever become King of Britain have always been quite low. That’s because Prince Harry has become sixth in that line of succession. First, Prince Charles (Harry’s father), Prince William (Harry’s older brother), then all three of William’s kids.

Although it’s a morbid thought, Prince Charles, Prince William, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis would all have to die before Prince Harry could ever ascend the throne. (By the way, that means Meghan Markle is not likely ever become Queen either. Although, some believe Meghan Markle may yet live to become Queen of Narnia and Empress of the Lone Islands.)

In any case, new reports have arisen suggesting Queen Elizabeth is relieved Prince Harry and Meghan will never sit in her seat of power.

Prince William and Kate Middleton Are Not Scandal Ridden

Most who know the entire story surrounding Prince William and Prince Harry agree that the Duke of Cambridge is more fit to wear the crown. Indeed, an insider suggested in an interview with U.S. Weekly that, “Queen Elizabeth finds it refreshing that there’s never any drama or scandal surrounding Kate and William. In the eyes of the 94-year-old monarch, William and Kate are “the perfect suitors for the position.”

As everyone knows, Queen Elizabeth is almost a hundred years old. Although the Queen is apparently still quite healthy, reports indicate that Elizabeth is tiring. In fact, some royal insiders have suggested that Prince William and Kate Middleton have already had some duties delegated to them by Queen Elizabeth. For example, Kate Middleton has already been seen varying out engagements that have traditionally been the Queens. These include such things as Kate “visiting hospitals and organizations and meetings with influential power players.

Prince Harry’s Plans Don’t Involve Buckingham Palace

Some believe that Queen Elizabeth’s sentiments may be a bit insulting toward Prince Harry when one thinks about it. However, Prince Harry may not mind. While the Duke of Sussex joked about taking the job of being king when he was a child, it’s more than apparent that he no longer wants a life as a British Royal. Indeed, Prince Harry has already stepped down as a senior member of The Firm and has taken himself all the way to America, where he now lives with his wife.

According to all indications, Prince Harry wants to be his own man without many ties to his own family, if any. (That’s even though he continues to receive hefty amounts of taxpayer funds through Prince Charles’s Duchy of Cornwall.)

Still, close friends have indicated that Prince Harry’s ambitions may lie as a public speaker and political activist. Of course, these are all aspirations that seem to be shared by Meghan Markle. Prince Harry may not be fit to wear the crown in the U.K., but many believe that he’s busy building his own kingdom elsewhere.

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