Meghan Markle Furious Her PR Team Couldn’t Shut Down Reports Of Her Horrible Behavior

Meghan MarkleMajor news outlets including Fox News and Yahoo! got in on the action as reports started flooding the media that accounts for Meghan Markle’s horrible behavior toward her staff were true. As many fans of the British Royal family now know, Meghan Markle supposedly felt “exposed” and “unprotected” by her in-laws and the press teams assigned to speak for her.

According to “insiders” Meghan Markle behaved abominably after marrying Prince Harry. Those assigned to work with Meghan stated that she was incredibly demanding and because of her supremely arrogant demeanor, at least nine staff members quit over the course of an 18-month period. Now, claims from the inside suggest that Meghan was furious that stories of her behavior were leaked to the British press, and following the escape of that information, her press teams did nothing to mitigate the resulting fallout.

As many know, Meghan Markle ended up suing a number of British tabloids following the publication of a letter she had written to her estranged father, Thomas Markle. In the papers that Meghan’s lawyers filed, it was suggested that Meghan suffered “tremendous emotional distress and damage to her mental health” since her Royal press team couldn’t spin things in order to portray her as nicer than she actually was. Indeed, due to Meghan’s reported cruelty, one staff member left after bawling her eyes out!

As a matter of fact, most reports indicated that Meghan’s PR team felt that their hands were tied because all the stories about her temper tantrums and oppressive arrogance were true. Moreover, Meghan hasn’t found any friends in the British legal system as the judge in her case threw out her claims that the tabloids had targeted her maliciously in a campaign to smear her reputation.

As many fans of the British Royal family know, Meghan Markle has suffered from accusations of what amounts to being a narcissist. From trying to claim that she’s a “self-made woman,” despite the fact that she was raised in the privilege to boasting outrageously that Great Britain made an incredible £968 Million off of her wedding, Meghan’s played right into those accusations.

Then too, Meghan’s been loud about her desire to protect her family and her desperate need for privacy, yet all of her actions scream the exact opposite. Since moving to America, Meghan has taken meetings with film producers, agents, directors, and more in a bid to find just the right role to relaunch her acting career. Then too, Meghan has hopped on top of trending political issues, ensuring that her face and name are attached and associated with them.

Finally, Meghan’s secured an extremely lucrative, public speaking contract with a major firm in New York. Combined with reports of her bad behavior, Meghan Markle’s image is starting to look like nothing more than a spoiled, attention-seeking brat who’s suddenly gotten more resources and toys than she knows what to do with.

Whatever that happens to be, fans of the British Royal family can bet that Meghan Markle is far from done being a thorn in the House of Windsor’s side.

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