Harry And Meghan Need To Stop Lecturing The Masses From Their House On The Hill

Harry And MeghanUK commentator Piers Morgan is an acquired taste but he’s usually spot-on in calling out public figures who deserve it, with laser-like precision and without fear.

His conclusion about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s latest lecture video? He said, “I’ve seen less disconcerting hostage videos,” and called them out on plagiarism and privilege. If you can successfully argue against any one of those points, you have a career at the Hague.

What did they plagiarize? Meghan oh so profoundly sermonized that we all need to atone for past mistakes, “Because it’s only in pushing through that discomfort that we get to the other side of this and find the place where a high tide raises all ships.”

Piers said that sounded awfully familiar and indeed it was John F. Kennedy who first said in 1963, “a rising tide lifts all boats.” Giving him credit would have been nice as well as the right thing to do.

The proselytizing didn’t stop there with Me-Gain claiming, “Equality does not put anyone on the back foot, it puts us all on the same footing – which is a fundamental human right.”

As Piers points out, “there’s something quite breathtakingly unedifying about a very rich deeply privileged Duchess banging on about equality from her $20 million borrowed mansion in Hollywood.”

Was Megxit Actually A Huge Mistake?

Megxit has come under close scrutiny following Meghan’s claims that they were leaving the UK to make the world a better place, make a difference, and apparently make the world feel bad about themselves if their latest video is any proof.

After their preachy exit from the UK, the Sussexes could have returned to help his family support the British people in their time of need; His father Prince Charles was actually stricken down with COVID-19 for goodness sake.

Instead, they went to live at Tyler Perry’s house, a gaudy example of too much money that could have been better spent perhaps on any one of the causes Meghan claims to support?

And so, from this mega-mansion on the hill, looking down on L.A., they think we want to hear them lecture the world on equality.

As Piers points out, “there’s something horribly inappropriate about it coming from a jobless prince sitting in a Hollywood mansion, living off his father’s money and still reportedly using British taxpayer cash to fund his family’s very expensive security costs … it’s hard to think of a more privileged, elitist life than the one they’re now currently living – one that has all the luxury and glamour of royal life without the need to perform any of the duty.” Couldn’t have said it better myself.

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