General Hospital Spoilers: Willow & Chase Love Too Strong – Michael Divorce Certain?

General Hospital: Willow Corinthos (Katelyn MacMullen), Harrison Chase (Josh Swickard)ABC General Hospital spoilers and updates tease that Willow Corinthos (Katelyn MacMullen) really seems to have put her relationship with Harrison Chase (Josh Swickard) behind her…at least for the time being. As GH viewers know, Willow was absolutely horrified when she came home one day to find Chase and Sasha Gilmore (Sofia Mattsson) making out on the couch, and she immediately ended her relationship with Chase.

Of course, GH viewers know that Chase and Sasha weren’t really having an affair; they were just pretending so that Willow would go on to marry Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell) so that Michael could win his custody case against Nelle Jerome (Chloe Lanier) and ultimately protect Wiley Quartermaine Corinthos (Erik and Theo Olson) from Nelle.

General Hospital Spoilers – Will Willow Corinthos Find Out The Truth About Harrison Chase & Sasha Gilmore?

But of course, the way that things currently stand on GH, Willow doesn’t know that Chase and Sasha we’re just acting in the best interest of Wiley. And so Willow did go on to marry Michael, whom she just considers to be a good friend. There are really no romantic feelings at all between Willow and Michael, and even Michael admitted during the custody hearing that he “loved” but wasn’t “in love with” Willow.

Well, eventually we suspect that Willow will figure out the truth about Chase and Sasha. Sasha seems to be on the road to a major drug problem, now that she’s taken some of the drugs that Cyrus Renault (Jeff Kober) is pushing in Port Charles, and when and if she does overdose and winds up in GH, it’s probably going to become clear pretty quickly that she and Chase aren’t really together.

GH Spoilers – Willow Corinthos May Decide She Wants To Be With Harrison Chase Again

However it comes out, it seems like GH is setting up Willow to be in a real bind down the road. Assuming that Willow does finally find out that Chase and Sasha were never really having an affair, she’s probably going to want to be with Chase. After all, Willow and Chase really loved each other, and that kind of love doesn’t just fizzle away.

So what will this all mean for Michael and Wiley? Assuming that GH goes with Willow finding out that Chase wasn’t unfaithful to her, then Willow will be in an awkward situation. She’ll want to be with Chase, but she’ll be in a loveless marriage with Michael that she needs to maintain to protect Wiley from Nelle. And since it’s probably the case that Michael and Nelle will get joint custody of Wiley, that will leave Willow stuck in the marriage with Michael.

General Hospital Spoilers – Will Harrison Chase & Willow Corinthos Start An Affair?

One wonders whether Chase and Willow’s love will be too strong – might they start an affair? It would be a pretty risky move for Chase and Willow, especially since Michael and Willow will need to be on their best behavior and projecting a happy family image with themselves and Wiley. If Chase and Willow can’t stay away from each other, will Willow and Michael end up divorcing?

Of course, if Michael and Willow do divorce, that could have serious repercussions for Michael’s custody of Wiley. It could be a real mess…unless Willow and Chase are somehow able to stay away from each other. We’ll see what happens here, but the draw between Chase and Willow seems pretty strong, so a Michael/Willow divorce may be inevitable.

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