General Hospital Spoilers: Parry Shen Performs A Classic Song – Helps Lift Fan Spirit Up During Covid-19 Stay-At-Home Orders

General Hospital: Parry Shen (Brad Cooper)We are currently living in an extremely frightening world. The COVID-19 pandemic has many stuck at home, without a job or at least on a break from work because of the requirements for social distancing. It is also required that many perform self-isolation. In regards to the pandemic, many are going out of their minds and filled with anxiety for the world to go back to normal.

When will it? In the meantime, actors are not working on new material. Soap actors now have the time to be home and to occupy themselves with other things. This was the case for General Hospital recurring actor, Parry Shen who found himself doing something musical.

General Hospital News – Fun Video

Shen took us back in time with a post on his social media account. He took to Instagram reminding us of a happier time when things were normal. He gave quite a performance with his childhood reflection.

Shen put together a fun video. He included muppet creator Jim Henson and Fred Rogers best known as Mr. Rogers. He used muppet baby paper dolls and offered his own rendition of their theme song. His video was captioned, “How to top last year’s trio of “🌈Connection” with Kermit/Piggy/Elmo? By recreating the entire opening of 1985’s “Muppet Babies”! (Look up the original!)) I love the first 2 lyrics & thought with the quarantine, they were especially timely for us all: “When your room looks kinda weird, and you wish that you weren’t there/Just close your eyes & make-believe, and you can be anywhere!”

I am & always will be, a by-product of Jim Henson + Fred Rogers — entertaining with humor & goofiness underlined with a foundation of kindness & creativity. The most wonderful part of this all was when I was cutting these characters out because the SOUND of the scissors going through the card-stock brought me back to when Mr. Rogers did the same with construction paper — being able to make anything out of paper. Only now I do the same with a little help from Photoshop.

Big thanks, to @hpmendoza for the help in making a fantastic instrumental track for me to sing to! Enjoy! “Imagination has no age” – Walt Disney “We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.” – George Bernard Shaw.”

Shen recurs as Brad Cooper on GH. If you haven’t check it out already, check out Shen’s recreation of the 1985 Mappet Babies Theme Song.

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