General Hospital Spoilers: Is Michael Making The Right Decision With Willow?

General Hospital: Willow (Katelyn MacMullen), Michael (Chad Duell)General Hospital spoilers have dropped a bombshell about potential partner swapping and Port Charles may never again be the same! If this wacky scheme plays out it has the potential to save baby Wiley’s life from the clutches of his deranged mom Nelle Benson (Chloe Lanier).

But if it fails, it has the potential to ruin the futures of two couples who seem poised on the edge of happily ever after.

The stakes are high; should Willow (Katelyn MacMullen) marry Michael (Chad Duell) as Sasha (Sofia Mattsson) has suggested? Or is Harrison Chase (Josh Swickard) correct in declaring this a plan for disaster?

General Hospital Spoilers – Should Willow Tait marry Michael Corinthos to save Wiley Cooper Jones?

Michael has been told by his lawyer that the best strategy for defeating Nelle in their custody battle would be if Michael were married. He broached this to Sasha, and they both decided it was a bad idea.

Until they changed their minds! These two kooky kids eventually decided that they would toss caution to the wind and marry for baby Wiley’s sake.

But legal eagle Diane Miller (Carolyn Hennesy) nixed the idea, bringing up Sasha’s sordid past as a blackmailer. Oh well, they tried!

So, they went to Plan B: Michael will instead marry Willow; what could go wrong?

Gh Spoilers – Is a Sasha Gilmore and Harrison Chase hookup inevitable?

Actually, this was Sasha’s epiphany, and immediately it was pointed out that all sorts of things were wrong about her inspiration.

Chase especially was indignant at the thought of his girlfriend marrying another guy, and who could blame him? Of course, it’s a marriage of convenience so to speak, but still!

Chase was so upset that he accused Sasha of needing help, but she couldn’t see why no one jumped at her idea.

General Hospital spoilers – What happens next?

Willow is eager to help in any way possible, as she is as much a mother to Wiley as anyone is. She didn’t say a lot during the heated exchange, but in the end, she had a look on her face that said she was definitely considering the idea.

After all, as Sasha pointed out Willow has risked a lot for the baby, including going to jail. She was even cold-cocked by Nelle trying to protect him from being kidnapped by his loon of a mother.

If, and this is a big if, Willow agrees to marry Michael, where does this leave Sasha and Chase? Do you see a hookup happening between these two? Tell us how you feel about this proposed partner swap!

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