Emmerdale Spoilers: Arthur Takes Full Responsibility – But Is He Trying To Get Payback?

Emmerdale spoilers hint at Arthur Thomas (Alfie Clarke) having to take full responsibility for the things that have happened between him and Archie Breckle (Kai Assi). Arthur and Archie have had their problems, but it seems that Arthur may be turning over a new leaf. This started when he came clean about the bullying that he had been inflicting upon Archie. Now that he has taken full accountability, including for things he has not done, will they be able to move forward and create a new start, or is this far from being over?

Emmerdale Spoilers- Archie Flips the Script

Archie used to be the target of Arthur’s bullying ways until that is until Arthur found out about the death of Sandy Thomas (Freddie Jones) and began blaming himself for him dying. This has led him to tell the truth about what he was doing to Archie. In turn, he promised not to bully Archie anymore. However, after an incident between Archie and Arthur involving Sandy’s ship in a bottle, Arthur was falsely accused of hurting Archie once again. After trying to plead his case, he decided to get even with Archie by framing him back and planting the broken ship in a bottle in his bag. This backfired on him when everyone realized that he did it.

Emmerdale Spoilers- Arthur takes Full Responsibility

After that incident, Arthur decided to take responsibility for everything that happened, including the things that he had no involvement in. However, could this be a part of his plan to get payback against the now once bullied turned bully, Archie? While sharing a hug with his mother, he locks eyes with Archie and says something that could hint at him wanting to expose the lie that Archie told. He tells his mother as he looks at Archie that he lied, and when someone lies, they deserve to be punished. This could mean that he will try to uncover the lies told by Archie or that he is expecting for Archie to tell more lies leading to his own downfall.

It does look like Arthur is not going to let Archie get away with lying and will take matters into his own hands. Even if that means temporarily taking the blame for something, he did not do. What do you think? Will Arthur expose Archie’s lie, or will they come to truths? Be sure to catch up on everything happening with the soap right now. Come back here often for Emmerdale spoilers, news, updates, and rumors!

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