General Hospital Spoilers: Is Maxie Jones Pregnant?

General Hospital Maxie Jones, Kirsten StormsGeneral Hospital spoilers reveal that Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms) and Peter August (Wes Ramsay) are about to be parents? It sure looks that way, with all signs and indications pointing to Maximista being pregnant.

First of all, Maxie nearly fainted and then was not interested in her food, a drop-dead gorgeous salad that looked like Martha Stewart assembled it. These two reactions in close proximity together is a classically soapy way of saying a woman has a bun in the oven.

But what sealed the deal is when she took out her monthly calendar and stared at it–We all know what that means!

General Hospital Spoilers – Is Maxie Jones ready for motherhood?

A baby is cause for celebration, although some babes have better timing than others. Right now Maxie is in the thick of a new business venture and getting pushback from some people about her shady boyfriend. Is this the best time to bring a baby into the world?

This may not be the ideal time for Maxie to be pregnant but that is a moot point if she is. It just means that with all that Maxie has going on, she will have one more ball to juggle.

ABC General Hospital Updates & Spoilers – How will Peter August handle fatherhood?

Tons of fans are ready for Peter to be unmasked for the villain that he is. But becoming a father has a way of bringing with it a certain measure of redemption whether it is merited or not.

What are the chances that Peter’s impending fatherhood changes the way his detractor’s perceive him?

In particular his biggest foe is Liesl Obrecht (Kathleen Gati). But she is also one of Maxie’s biggest fans. She would have to think long and hard about exposing him for his crimes if it meant Maxie turned against her and she subsequently lost access to her grandson.

What Happens Next On General Hospital – Nothing is ever simple in Port Charles!

Babies have a way of changing everything and in this case there is much that could conceivably change. For instance, would a baby be a ticket to redemption for Peter?

And, how will Maxie find the time to launch a new business in an ultra-competitive environment like the fashion industry and still take care of herself and her unborn baby?

Then again, with everything that’s going on, Maxie may decide she is not ready to have another baby. Would the show go there? Tell us what you think about Maxie’s pregnancy!

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