General Hospital Spoilers: Is Carly Corinthos About To Pack Heat And Join The Mob?

General Hospita: Laura Wright (Carly Corinthos)General Hospital spoilers reveal that Emmy winner Laura Wright who plays the one of a kind character Carly Corinthos is sharing her views about her alter ego, and her ideas could surprise you!

General Hospital Spoilers – Laura Wright Has Firm Ideas About Her Character

She recently spoke to TV Guide Magazine and took a trip down memory lane. But before we go there what does she think about her current storyline? Wright notes that Carly is always sticking her nose in other people’s business but sometimes she has no choice, as with her ailing father-in-law. “Mike is really fading and going downhill quick. I think the biggest dilemma Sonny has right now, which is such a great struggle for the story but an honest one, given anyone that’s going through this in real life, do we take every means necessary to keep someone alive, or do we sign a “Do Not Resuscitate”?”

Carly has tried to help Sonny but he hasn’t always wanted to listen. The bubbly blonde is also trying to help her son, Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell) and in this scenario, the outcome is much happier as he has been granted custody of his own son.

GH Spoilers – Fans love Carly Corinthos And Jason Morgan’s True Blue Friendship That Has Stood The Test Of Time

Carly has also been made her friend Jason Morgan’s (Steve Burton), power of attorney. “But God bless Jason,” she said. “He knows that Carly would annoyingly fight and scream to make sure his wishes are honored. How interesting that, right after he asks me this and the paperwork is filed, he gets in a motorcycle accident!”

Fans thought the same thing, and luckily Stone Cold survived. As she notes, “He wasn’t wearing a helmet, so that’s where Carly gives him a gift of a helmet and says, “You have to swear to me that you’ll wear this.” That’s actually a great moment that we get to share and talk about, you get to have great Carly and Jason scenes, which are always emotional and funny.”

General Hospital Spoilers – Laura Wright Takes A Trip Down Memory Lane

Wright was on the cover was of TV Guide Magazine in 1998 and she was asked if she remembered that occasion. Indeed she does as she recalled, “I was actually pregnant with my daughter, I remember it all. I had to fly out to L.A. because I was working on Guiding Light in New York, and I was 3 months pregnant with my daughter who is now 21.”

She also weighed in on Sonny’s son, Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna) returning to the show and how it might affect CarSon. “I think it’s going to be a gift to Sonny depending on how he comes back, “ she said. “If he comes back not knowing who the hell he is, that might be a problem since he’s just gone through that with Mike.”

GH Spoilers – How Should Laura Wright Have Her Character Act If She Had A Choice?

Lastly, Wright was asked what she would like to see her character confront in the future. “I really like to have a lot of fun, and I always think of the classic Luke and Laura story when they’re on the run. It was so sexy and fun and romantic but dangerous,” she said.

“I would love for Carly and Jason to be on the run, trying to solve a problem because Jason would never let Carly get involved alone in something dangerous, but that wouldn’t stop Carly. My dream would be for Carly to get involved in the mob somehow. I see Carly more teaming up as a mobster’s wife to protect her family, than trying to push Sonny to quit the mob, because the kids aren’t protected in that way. If Carly was packing (heat) and it was like, ‘Nothing happens to my kids on my watch!’ I could see that being a really interesting story.”

Will it happen GH fans? Would you like to see Carly suddenly become a gangster’s moll? Tell us what you think about this possibility!

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