General Hospital News: Eden McCoy Learns What She’s Learned From Josslyn’s Life So Far

General Hospital Spoilers-- Cameron Webber (William Lipron) and Josslyn Jacks (Eden McCoy)

Viewers may recall that Eden McCoy’s character, Josslyn Jacks, on “General Hospital,” has gone through a lot in the past year. Thanks to the tough situations that her Joss had to go through, the young actress learned a lot of things, which she was more than happy to share to Soaps In Depth.

“I’ve learned how important it is to live in the moment and appreciate the little things. The little things are everything.” the actress said.

“If I’m being honest, I’d like to see Joss get in a little trouble and be a little wild,” McCoy continued.

“I’ve heard that Carly was a wild child when she was Joss’ age, and that sounds like a ton of fun! What the writers have given me is amazing, but I would love to go absolutely insane,” she added.

Josslyn Is Finally Ready To Move On

The young actress teased that Joss is “definitely moving on.” She admitted that her character’s conversation with Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) helped her realize that she can move on and still hold on to her memories with Oscar Nero (Garren Stitt). She’s beginning to understand that perhaps it’s about time to “notice other boys and to have fun with other friends.”

McCoy Feels Grateful To GH Co-stars

McCoy also feels thankful to her co-stars on “General Hospital” for helping her bring her character to life. She mentioned her on-screen mom Laura Wright in particular.

“She is everything,” McCoy said.

“I don’t know what I would have done without her support. And I feel like as I’ve gotten older, we’ve become closer as friends and not just cast mates. She really is a mother figure to me, and I’m always honored when she trusts my acting choices and offers me her perspective to make them better,” she continued.

General Hospital Spoilers: Loves Mike’s Storyline

She also admitted that she loves being part of Mike Corbin’s (Max Gail) Alzheimer’s storyline. She had nothing but praises for Gail and Maurice Bernard, who plays Sonny Corinthos.

“When they are together on screen, everything else just fades away. Their emotion and talent are overwhelming, and honestly, I’m just happy to be in the room,” she said.

Excited About Jax’s Return To Port Charles

McCoy also said she’s was ecstatic when she found out that Ingo Rademacher was returning to the sudser as Jasper “Jax” Jacks.

“I was absolutely ecstatic,” she said.

“He is literally a perfect dad figure. Funny, protective, athletic, handsome, loving… I could go on and on! Plus, he’s an incredible actor. Kind of like Steve Burton, who portrays Jason Morgan, he’s got those blue eyes that can just kill you. Our scenes feel very real as well. And like Laura, Steve and Maurice, he’s a great role model in real life,” she added.

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