EastEnders Spoilers: Linda Puts Son In Danger – Should She Be Banned From Seeing Ollie Until She Goes to Rehab?

Eastenders spoilers reveal Linda Carter (Kellie Bright) ends up putting her son in danger. With her continuing to hit the bottle, many fans feel she needs rehab. However, she refuses to go when Michael “Mick” Carter (Danny Dyer) suggests it. Should she be banned from seeing her son until she gets treatment and abstains from alcohol for a certain amount of time?

Linda Carter’s Alcohol Dependency

For the past few months, Linda has been struggling with her drinking problem. Instead of it getting better, though, she has been getting worse. Things came to a horrifying peak on New Year’s Eve when she stumbled upon a scary situation. Fans thought she would hit bottom and come back to the top. However, it seems that isn’t the case. That’s right, she hasn’t hit rock bottom yet and there’s more disaster to come.

Fresh Start Failure

Eastenders spoilers teased that Linda promised that 2020 would be a fresh start and she would kick her habit. However, that turned out to be an utter failure. She is still struggling with her addiction. Mick suggested that she go to rehab but she refused. She claims that she can ration her drinking. But anyone with any experience with addiction knows that’s not possible. It’s an all-or-nothing situation and she is obviously still in serious denial.

Eastenders Spoilers: A Child in Danger

It is suggested that she will put her own son in danger. Details are vague about this storyline, but Mick has already revealed he’s had it with Linda’s antics. He has tried locking her in a room, having babysitters watch her and even sending Ollie to Gray Atkins (Toby-Alexander Smith) and Chantelle Atkins’ (Jessica Plummer) house.

Separating a Mother and Son

Eastenders spoilers tease that Linda won’t get her act together until she loses her family. Is it time for Mick to give her an ultimatum? Perhaps she should be banned from seeing her son until she agrees to complete rehab. What do you think should be done in this case? Is Mick being too soft when dealing with his alcoholic wife? Keep watching the British soap opera to see what happens with this storyline.

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