EastEnders Spoilers: Max Bowden Gifts Grandma With Extra Sweet And Special Pillow

EastEnders: Max Bowden (Ben Mitchell)

BBC EastEnders spoilers reveal that actor Max Bowden (Ben Mitchell) is about the best grandson a grandmother could wish for. The handsome and talented star was inspired by a viral video showing a kind and creative act, and he decided to replicate what he saw for his own beloved grandma.

Like many others, Bowden saw a video which showed a nurse gifting an elderly patient with a special pillow, and decided he had to have a similar one for his grandma.

EastEnders Spoilers – Max Bowden Gives His Grandma A Special Gift That She Will Always Treasure

The nurse in question is Kia Mariah Tobin. She posted a video that showed her giving a sentimental pillow to one of her patients, but it wasn’t just any cushion. The pillow had a picture of his late wife imprinted on it and when he saw it he cried happy tears.

Seeing this touching scene, Bowden knew what he had to do. He tweeted about Tobin, praising her for her sweet and thoughtful action. He stated that he himself was inspired by her incredible gift and thanked her as well as called on others to do something for their own elderly relatives who are feeling lonely during the coronavirus pandemic.

EastEnders Spoilers – Max Bowden’s Grandma Is Very Lucky To Have Him In Her Life

Bowden also tweeted a pic of his beautiful grandma with a personalized pillow of her own! That’s right, Bowden put his money where his mouth is and had a pillow made with his grandfather’s face on it.

He captioned his pic, “Here’s her with her pillow of my grandfather. Thanks for inspiring something so touching. And it’s lovely to see how much of an impact you have on Ken’s life.”

EastEnders Spoilers – A Simple Gift From A Loved One Can Mean So Much

The Ken in question is Tobin’s patient, and if you see her video you will see just how touched the man was at her simple but meaningful gesture. Ken told Tobin he met his wife Ada just one week after he moved to Liverpool, “I can still see that post she was leaning on with her friends … she was the most caring, beautiful wife anyone could ever wish to have. She never did a thing wrong in her whole life.”

What’s next on EastEnders for Ben? He’s had a massive blowup with Callum Highway (Tony Clay) that coincides with the operation to restore his hearing loss—is this finally the end for these two?

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