Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Kate Dimera Gives Jake Lambert Answers About Stefan Dimera

Days of Our Lives Jake Lambert (Brandon Barash) wants answers about the man everyone keeps mistaking him for. So far, no one has given Jake the answers he has been seeking. Kate Dimera (Lauren Koslow) will offer Jake the answers he desires.

Kate Will Be Stunned By Jake Too

Days of Our Lives Kate will be shocked when she comes face to face with Jake, the man who looks just like Stefan Dimera (Brandon Barash). Kate will be at least the third person Jake has met that mistakes him for Stefan. Of course, Kate will have no issue at all giving Jake the answers he has asked for.

Stefan threatened to kill Kate at one point so there is no love loss between them. Kate will pull no punches in telling Jake all about Stefan’s evil side. Will Jake even want to know anyone who is associated with Stefan after Kate gives him this information.

DOOL Spoilers: Stefan DiMera Was Ben Weston’s Friend

Days of Our Lives Stefan was Ben Weston’s (Robert Scott Wilson) friend. Ben will probably tell Jake all about his past and how good of a friend he was to him. Can Jake believe that Stefan was so good to Ben, and such a bad guy to everyone else, including his wife? After all Ben was a killer who had gotten out of treatment. Stefan gave Ben a job as his head of security while he was married to a woman Ben had attacked.

However, Ben never tried to hurt Abby Dimera (Kate Mansi), she was terrified from the past when he tried to kill her. Ben was very loyal to Stefan and they became close. Ben is going to tell Jake about Stefan’s good side, will he believe him after talking to Kate?

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Gabi Hernandez Loved Stefan DiMera

Days of Our Lives ‘Stefan was mean to Gabi at first however, their attraction only grew stronger. Gabi and Stefan had a volatile relationship at first but the two of them tell in love. Gabi married Stefan to take his family company away from him. Stefan and Gabi were locked away together before they admitted their feelings for each other. Stefan and Gabi were deliriously happy when he was shot and killed trying to save his mother.

Gabi fell for Eli Grant (Lamon Archey) after Stefan’s death but she still longs for Stefan’s return. Now Gabi believes that Jake is Stefan and is lying about his identity. Will Kate tell Jake about Gabi and Stefan’s love story? Will Gabi later discover the Jake is indeed Stefan? Has Stefan lost his memory like most of Dr. Rolf’s (William Utay) other patients?

Will Jake even want to know if he’s Stefan after he finds out what Stefan was like? Will Jake and Gabi fall in love before he learns the truth? Will Kate warn Jake away from Gabi?

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