Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Could Vincent’s Reason For Kidnapping Ciara Be To Steal Her Baby?

Days Of Our Lives: Vincent (Michael Teh), Ciara Weston (Victoria Konefal)Days of Our Lives Vincent (Michael Teh) has kidnapped Ciara Weston (Victoria Konefal). One reason, of course, is to torture Ben Weston (Robert Scott Wilson), but is there another? Does Vincent want Ciara to steal her child?

Days Of Our Spoilers – Vincent Is Dr. Rolf’s Protégé’

Days of Our Lives Vincent is the protégé of the evil scientist Dr. Rolf (William Utay). Vincent has realized that he might be able to brainwash Ben but could not force him to kill his wife Ciara. So why would Vincent kidnap Ciara?

DOOL Spoilers suggests that Vincent has a surprising secret. Perhaps that secret is that Ciara is pregnant after all. Fans remember the day of the wedding Ciara was deathly sick and pregnancy was suggested but was ruled out. However, this is Salem and anybody can tamper with test results. What if Vincent or Eve Donovan (Kassie DePaiva) tampered with Ciara’s test results planning to steal her child?

DOOL Spoilers – Eve Order Ben Weston To Kill His Wife And Baby

Days of Our Lives Eve ordered Ben to kill Ciara when Vincent brainwashed and conditioned him. However, Eve also made the comment “kill Ciara and your baby.” Well if Ciara isn’t pregnant, how is Ben supposed to kill his baby? Apparently, something is going that neither Ciara nor Ben are aware of. Eve wanted both Ciara and the baby killed to make Ben suffer so she must have assumed that he would find out about his child after Ciara’s death. If this is the case, what is Vincent’s plans for Ciara and her unborn child?

Days Of Our Spoilers – Vincent Is A Scientist

Days of Our Lives Vincent is a scientist trained by one of the most diabolical scientists knows to Salem. Ben is a reformed serial killer. Imagine having the child of a serial killer to experiment with. Vincent could certainly have in mine kidnapping the baby and seeing how evil this child can be. If Rolf can put the essence of Stefano Dimera (Joe Mascolo) into Steve Johnson (Stephen Nichols) just think of the possibilities of what could be done with the “necktie killer’s” baby. Vincent must have something evil in mind to have kidnapped Ciara. Vincent would have no other reason to hold her except for a baby. Perhaps Vincent will reveal his plans for Ciara’s innocent child as his surprise.

Day of Our Lives’ Ciara’s dream could be her body’s way of telling her that she is pregnant after all. Now, what will Ciara do to protect her child from Vincent and his evil plans for its future?

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