5 Reasons ‘General Hospital’ Needs The Real Nikolas Cassadine Back When New ‘GH’ Episodes Air

General Hospital: Nikolas Cassadine (Marcus Coloma)ABC General Hospital spoilers and updates reveal Nikolas Cassadine (Marcus Coloma) came onscreen as one of the most caring Cassadine’s on the show. However, in recent years, Nik has dramatically changed.

Here are five reasons that we need the real Nikolas Cassadine back.

#1 Nikolas Cassadine Was Inseparable From His Son

General Hospital’s Nikolas was inseparable from Spencer Cassadine (Nicholas Bechtel). Nik would have never chosen a woman or money over his son. Nikolas would have given up anything to keep Spencer with him and safe. There is no way that Nik would have faked his death and not told Spencer. Nik would have never let his son suffer over his death. Nik needs to go back to putting his son first.

#2 Nikolas Cassadine Was The Good Cassadine

General Hospital’s Nik was always a good Cassadine. Nik was never malicious or a money-hungry person. Nik was generous and loving. Nik was close to Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) after finding out she was his cousin. Nik loved Sam’s sisters and wanted them to do well. Nik was close to Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn) and would have done anything for her. Nik would not have hurt Sam by lying about Jason Morgan (Steve Burton). This man is not who Nik was and he needs to go.

#3 Nikolas Cassadine Would Have Never Put Out A Hit

General Hospital’s Nik would have never put out a hit on someone to keep them quiet. Nik was never a part of the evil Cassadine world and renounced most of his heritage because of this. Hayden would have had nothing to fear from Nik. Nik would not have forced Hayden to leave her child either. Nik wouldn’t willingly hurt anyone’s child. The man who went after Hayden was not the Nik that GH fans grew to know and love.

#4 Laura Collins Deserves Her Son Back

General Hospital’s Nik was close to his mother Laura Collins (Genie Frances). Nik was also close to his sister Lulu Spencer (Emme Rylan). Nik is nothing like the son Laura had grown to love and respect. Laura and Nik had a very good relationship before he disappeared. Laura even kept the secret that Jake Doe (Billy Miller) was supposed to be Jason because she felt he would eventually tell the truth. Laura sensed then that Nik had changed. Nik is more like a Cassadine now than he ever was. Laura needs her loving, compassionate son back, that his Cassadine clone.

#5 Spencer Cassadine Deserves His Father

General Hospital’s Spencer has grown into a teenager and he needs his father. Spencer has tampered with election results and hopped continents since his father has been gone. Spencer turned into a vengeful person and wanted Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart) to pay for his father’s “death”. Spencer needs to deal with his father’s betrayal. Spencer deserves the father he grew up with instead of this sorry excuse for a man.

Nikolas has become very unlikable to almost everyone. Nik would have never tried to take over ELQ or any of the underhanded stuff he has done since. Nik needs to find himself and get his priorities straight before it’s too late.

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