This Is Us Sterling K Brown Talks About Randall And Beth And If They Will Make it

This Is Us Sterling K Brown Talks About Randall And Beth And If They Will Make it

This Is Us star Sterling K Brown talks about winning the election and what it means for his marriage. Beth (Susan Kelchi Watson) will face some trials in the coming episodes, but Brown assures the fans they will find a way to make it all work. Read below to find out what’s Sterling’s thoughts are about what’s ahead for his alter ego.

The Election Changed His Life

Sterling said he knew from the beginning that Randall would win the election. He added that will bring more conflict with Beth. Now that he won the election, he will have to commute from Philly to New Jersey, which is a two-hour commute each way. So essentially, Randall will be in his car four hours per day. That will seriously limit the time he has to spend with his wife and girls. Even still, Randall believes he can make it work.

Beth And Randall

While Beth and Randall patched things up and they are in a good place, tension is still pretty high. This new position will bring up some trials for them but they will make it. Sterling wanted the fans to know that they don’t need to worry about Beth and Randall, they will be fine.

Beth is on her own journey of self-discovery and she knows she needs to do that without Randall. She will have to find a way to search for her own identity while supporting Randall’s new responsibility. Brown is confident that they both will find their own way in the next few months, both as a couple and in their individual careers.

Randall And Kevin Will Battle

In the coming episodes, Randall and Kevin (Justin Hartley) will have a huge argument about his DUI arrest. It will lead to tension between The Big Three, with Kate (Chrissy Metz) in the middle. It will be a must-watch episode.

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