The Bold and The Beautiful’s Vincent Irizarry Opens Up About The Daytime Television Industry

Vincent Irizarry

Vincent Irizarry recently wrapped up his stint as Dr. Jordan Armstrong on “The Bold and the Beautiful.” He treated Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson) when he fell from a 300-foot cliff and then took care of Katie Logan (Heather Tom) when her health was failing.

This is not Irizarry’s first time to play the role of a doctor in a soap opera. Viewers may recall him as Dr. Scott from “Santa Barbara” or as Dr. David Hayward from “All My Children.”

“It’s always a challenge to communicate the medicalese — that’s not something that comes trippingly off the tongue,” Irizarry admitted.

It is possible for the actor to reprise his role on “The Bold and the Beautiful.” With his talent and experience in the industry, it won’t be surprising if his short term gig becomes a regular role.

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For those who are familiar with Irizarry’s career, they know that most of his soap roles started off as brief stints. This was how his role as Brandon “Lujack” Luvonaczek started off on “Guiding Light.” What was supposed to be a three-day role was extended for a few more days and then he eventually signed a contract.

“The character took off, and it was kind of a phenomenon,” he said.

He, and leading lady Judi Evans, earned a super couple status during the early 1980s. Irizarry admitted that he didn’t know how to handle fame. It was a totally different world for him, which he had to get used to.

B&B News – David Irizarry as David on AMC

His stint on “All My Children” also started as a brief stint. It was a three-month contract that became a 14-year job. He described his character as a sociopath. But fans still empathized with the villainous doc thanks to the writers who gave his alter ego a backstory that explained his actions. His impeccable performance in the show earned him a Best Supporting Actor Emmy award back in 2009.

Bold & The Beautiful News – David Irizarry Joins The Young and the Restless

In 2007, he landed a gig on “The Young and the Restless” as David Chow. Just like his role on AMC, he started on a three-year contract that was extended into two years. He said it was cool to play a character who had a gambling addiction and see how it affected his alter ego’s life choices.

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