General Hospital Star Coby Ryan McLaughlin Talks Shiloh’s Redemption– Can The GH Fans Accept The Creepy Cult Leader As A Changed Man?

General Hospital Spoilers-- Shiloh Archer (Coby Ryan McLaughlin)

General Hospital (GH) star Coby Ryan McLaughlin, the actor who plays Shiloh Archer, wants the ABC soap opera fans to know that he is not a creep, despite playing the character flawlessly. He loves his alter ego and finds him flawed, complicated, and redeemable.

McLaughlin teased that GH might be trying to slowly redeem Shiloh. The handsome actor believes that would be a great idea because he thinks Shiloh is a great character with so many layers. Here’s what you need to know about what Coby said about Shiloh in an interview with ABC Soaps In Depth.

GH Spoilers– Shiloh Fascinated Coby

The one thing McLaughlin admitted during his interview was that Shiloh, like many sociopaths, fascinated him. He noted that under the creepy, rude demeanor is someone that is just trying to do the best he can, yet always falling short of it.

The thing about Shiloh, he wants to do better. He isn’t doing it now, but he has the drive to improve. Now that he knows he’s a father, he will strive to do better. However, that may come crashing down after he learns that his son is dead. Who knows, he might even lash out at Nelle Bensen (Chloe Lanier) for the baby swap scheme.

General Hospital Spoilers– Shiloh And Drew Scenes Are Heartwarming

Coby shared that Shiloh has a soft spot in his heart for Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco). With her by his side, Shiloh feels secure and like he can accomplish everything he wants too. However, his relationship with Drew Cain (Billy Miller) is much more honest. General Hospital spoilers tease that Shiloh is his real and honest self with Drew.

General Hospital spoilers point out that even though Shiloh has love and respect for Drew when everything starts coming out about Shiloh’s multiple schemes, he will protect himself first and foremost, even if it means throwing his good friend under the bus.

GH Spoilers– Will Someone Take Shiloh Down?

McLaughlin isn’t sure what Shiloh future is in Port Charles. He’s heard that the GH writers plan to redeem his character and keep Shiloh around for a while. And, Coby admits that is what he’s hoping as well. He is enjoying the ride of playing the head of the DoD and enjoying all these curveballs the writers keep giving him.

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