General Hospital Spoilers & Recap Thursday, January 24: Sam And Jason Make Love, JaSAM Fans Rejoice

General Hospital Spoilers & Recap Thursday, January 24: Sam And Jason Make Love, JaSAM Fans RejoiceGeneral Hospital (GH) recap for Thursday, January 24, 2019, reveals Sam (Kelly Monaco) gets to the pier and sees Jason (Steve Burton) floating in the water. Sam jumps in to save Jason.

GH Spoilers Sam Rescues Jason

Sam gets to Jason and pulls him toward the pier. Jason climbs up on the dock. Sam tells Jason she saw where he popped up, that’s how she knew where to dive. Jason says she saved his life; Sam says I owed you one. Jason calls Carly (Laura Wright) and tells her he is ok, Jason says he found another way out. Jason asks if anyone is with Jason, he says Sam is, and Carly demands to talk to Sam. Sam tells Carly she will take care of Jason even if he needs a hospital.

Carly tells Sonny (Maurice Benard) and Jocelyn (Eden McCoy) that Jason is fine. Liz (Rebecca Herbst) comes out, and Jocelyn asks how Oscar (Garen Stitt) is, Liz tells her she can see him. Sam begs Jason to see a doctor, but he refuses. Jason wants to go home and take a shower; Sam says he is coming home with her. Jason makes the grilled cheese sandwiches. Sam says that is delicious, no wonder Danny (T.K. Weaver) likes spending the night at his place. Sam asks what they are going to tell Danny about tonight. Sam teases Jason about rescuing him. Sam tells Jason to pinch her; he asks why.

Sam tells Jason she can’t tell him how many times she dreamed of a different ending the night he disappeared. Sam couldn’t find him and would dream that he saved him after going to bed only to wake up and him not be there. Jason says I’m here now, thank you for saving me. Jason and Sam start kissing as “Just you and me” plays. Jason asks if this is ok, Sam says it’s perfect.

They stand up, and Sam removes her shirt, Jason removes his. Sam touches his ribs where he is hurt and then goes into his arms. Sam stretches out on the bed, Jason crawls of her stopping to his her bared spots. They make love, afterward, Sam and Jason lie in bed, and her head is on his shoulder. Jason tells her he loves her and missed her. Sam loves and missed him too, Jason smiles as Sam closes her eyes.

General Hospital Spoilers Curtis Talks To Marcus

General Hospital’s Curtis (Donnell Turner) meets with Marcus (Nigel Gibbs) and wants to talk about Stella (Vernee Watson). Marcus tells Curtis that Stella didn’t do anything wrong. Marcus says he loved Stella more than anything. Marcus tells Curtis that when his dad died Stella broke it off with him. Marcus said if it had happened a year later, they would have already been married. Stella comes in, and Curtis is still there. Curtis tells Stella she just missed Marcus. Stella tells Curtis about what happened with Mike (Max Gail). Curtis offers to have tea with Stella, she thanks him.

GH Sonny Makes A Hard Decision

General Hospital’s Mike has been out with Stella to see Yvonne (Janet Hubert). Stella asks what Mike wants to do now. Mike thinks he’s a kid and needs to catch the last bus home. Stella tells Mike she will call his parents and ask if he can spend the night. Sonny and Carly have all his favorite foods as well. Stella and Mike play cards, and she talks about wanting to reconnect with Marcus. Mike doesn’t know who they are talking about, Stella assures him it’s ok.

Sonny, Carly, and Jocelyn walk into the room. Mike thinks Jocelyn is someone named Mary and she escorts him to his room. Stella didn’t realize that things had gotten so bad with Mike. Sonny agrees it’s time to let Mike go. Sonny says Mike is better off at the facility with Yvonne; he’s better off there than he is at home. Sonny says his eyes light up, and his mind is better at the facility.

Carly says he remembers a lot more there than he does here. Carly asks Sonny if he’s ready to let Mike go, Sonny says it would be selfish to keep Mike there. Sonny talks about not wanting the kids to see Mike fading away. Sonny has love for the father that he remembers, and he will need Carly to help him through this. Carly assures Sonny she isn’t going anywhere.


General Hospital Liz Questions If Aiden Is Gay

General Hospital’s Franco (Roger Howarth) comes in with Jake (Hudson West) and Aiden (Jason David). Aiden wants to make something, Jake says Liz will kill them, but Franco doesn’t agree. Franco decides they will bake anyway. Jake and Franco help Aiden make his cupcakes. Franco suggests Aiden take cupcakes to school tomorrow. Franco sends the boys upstairs to get ready for bed and tells Aiden he can frost them in the morning. Liz comes in and asks what smells so good.

Franco tells Liz that the boys just went to bed, but Aiden made the cupcakes. Franco tells Liz that Aiden wants to take them to school, Jake tells Liz she can’t do that. Jake tells them that Charlotte has stopped picking on Aiden, but it has gotten worse. Jake tells them they are calling Aiden gay at school. Liz thanks Jake for telling her what is happening with Aiden and says they will support him through this. Franco asks Liz if she thinks Aiden is gay, she had wondered about it. Liz wonders if this is something Aiden is going to discover about himself.

GH Kim Is Upset With Oscar

General Hospital’s Kim (Tamara Braun) tells Oscar he has to stay in the hospital overnight. Oscar disagrees but has no choice. Sonny and Carly are waiting with Jocelyn for news on Oscar. Sonny tries to call Jason and can’t get an answer. Carly says that isn’t like Jason; she hopes he is ok. Jocelyn says Jason has to be ok; he saved her life. Carly and Sonny try to calm Jocelyn down and tell her Jason probably lost his phone. Sonny tells Jocelyn that they have to be careful.

Carly tells Jocelyn they don’t need to put themselves in danger. Jocelyn goes to Oscar’s room and tells him they need to be more responsible. Jocelyn tells Oscar that Jason is ok, Carly just talked to him. Jocelyn asks if Oscar is ok, he says he is except for one thing. Oscar kisses her goodnight. Sam agrees to take a shower while Jason drinks brandy and makes them something to eat. Oscar promises to be more careful, but he is going to push the limits.

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