General Hospital Spoilers: Franco Is Devastated When He Hears About Drew

General Hospital Spoilers - Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth)

General Hospital spoilers tease that once Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth) gets his own memories and personality back, he will be absolutely devastated to find out that Drew Cain (Billy Miller) never made it to Afghanistan and that the Navy declared him dead after no trace of him was found!

General Hospital Spoilers – Franco Baldwin And Drew Cain Were Like Brothers When They Were Small Children

As General Hospital viewers will recall, Franco and Drew were like brothers and were raised as brothers the first few years of their lives, and Franco, as Bobby, protected Drew, as Andy, from the pedophilic Jim Harvey, (Greg Evigan) who was the live-in boyfriend of Franco’s “mother” Betsy Frank (Deborah Strang) who never formally adopted Franco, although she raised him. Although they weren’t brothers, they were blood kin, through Franco’s birth mother, Heather Webber (Robin Mattsson) and Drew and his twin Jason Morgan’s (Steve Burton) birth mother, Susan Moore (Gail Ramsey), who were first cousins.

Franco thought for many years that Jason and he were brothers, partially because Heather lied to him and partially because he had likely seen pictures of Jason as a child and didn’t know he had a twin, Andy or Drew, and his childhood memories were muddled due to all the abuse he suffered and not quite remembering Andy because they were so young. Seeing a picture of Jason as a child would have seemed right to be his “brother” even if Franco didn’t at the time have the total memory – besides, he had a brain tumor in the way of clear memory as well!

GH Spoilers – Franco Baldwin And Drew Cain Became Close Again As Adults

Franco and Drew became close again after Jim Harvey came to town and trapped them in a construction site he was ready to fill in with concrete, after which they made it out but Jim escaped in the process! Franco’s memories of sexual abuse made him too emotionally crippled to fight Jim when he came down in the basement of the construction site, but Drew took action and fought him off. They made it out before the basement could be filled with concrete.

Later, Franco kidnapped Jim and held him hostage at gunpoint in his art studio. As traumatic memories were surfacing, Franco remembered he pushed Drew down the stairs, but it was to save him from Jim. Franco also finally remembered that Jim had sexually abused him as a child. He then forced Jim to confess what he did to his other victims and also forced Jim to write a list of his victims. Franco was going to him, as Jim begged him not to and suggested giving him to the cops instead.

Jim then got the upper hand and fought Franco and he tried to choke him to death but Drew showed up just in time and shot him dead. For Franco, hearing the news that Drew disappeared and his plane crashed in the Gulf of Aden, and no trace was ever found of him by either the WSB or the Navy, who gave up searching and declared him dead will be devastating; Franco’s heart will be broken! He may even want to look for him himself!

Stay tuned to GH and keep checking General Hospital spoilers frequently for all the latest news, updates and developments!

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