General Hospital Spoilers: Did Someone Alter Oscar’s Will – Foul Play Involved?

General Hospital Sopilers: Did Someone Alter Oscar's Will - Foul Play Involved? General Hospital spoilers tease that someone could have altered Oscar Nero Quartermaine’s (Garren Lake Stitt) will before it reached Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahan) in Thursday, July 11th’s episode of General Hospital.

The Quartermaine family was shocked when she got to the part about Oscar leaving his ELQ shares to Shiloh Archer (Coby Ryan McLaughlin) and even more shocked, and outraged, when the smarmy Shiloh came strolling in ready to sign on the dotted line to get his money!

General Hospital Spoilers – Was Oscar’s Will Altered?

General Hospital viewers know that when Oscar was alive, he designated those shares to fund the Kilimanjaro Foundation, to help young people who couldn’t afford it to be able to mountain climb, as Ned Quartermaine (Wally Kurth) and Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell) said, and when Michael called Jason Morgan, (Steve Burton) who Oscar had named as the executor of his will, Jason agreed and even said that Diane Miller (Carolyn Hennesy) had started the paperwork; and Alexis had said she would contact Diane and coordinate as well.

General Hospital viewers know that Shiloh has his “Dawnies” everywhere; Dawn of Day members or purchasers of his book who idolize him! This was how he bypassed HIPAA laws, laws designed to protect a patient’s confidential health information from getting into the wrong hands, at Mercy Hospital when a nurse who was a “Dawnie” gave him the information that Willow Tait/Kali Miller (Katelyn MacMullen) gave birth to a live baby boy!

General Hospital Spoilers – Another Shady Shiloh Move?

Alexis didn’t know anything that was in the will that she read nor who was invited to the reading of the will because she had her assistant handle it. Diane also has an assistant. Will Diane and Alexis find that the “Kilimanjaro versions” of Oscar’s will never made it to the courthouse and the aces in the hole to be able to probate the will and tie it up for years to prevent Shiloh from getting the ELQ shares be invalid?

If their assistants are “Dawnies”, that indeed could turn out to be the case and Shiloh could be able to claim the shares! This would not be good news for the Quartermaine family and ELQ; it could give a door to Shiloh to control ELQ!

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