Emmerdale Spoilers: Alexander Lincoln Teases Jamie’s Secret Family Backstory

Emmerdale Spoilers: Andrea Tate (Anna Nightingale) - Jamie Tate (Alexander Lincoln) Viewers of “Emmerdale” recently discovered that Jamie Tate (Alexander Lincoln) has a secret family and his wife Andrea Tate (Anna Nightingale) and daughter Millie will be arriving in the village next week. It was revealed that the mystery person whose calls Jamie tried to ignore was his wife.

When asked about the secret family twist, Lincoln said, “Jamie and Andrea met at university in Liverpool. By this point, they’ve been married for around five years. Jamie obviously hasn’t told anyone in the village about his wife and daughter so far. He came to find a job for himself after university, and wanted to keep his wife and daughter away from everyone in the village.”

Lincoln also added that his alter ego did not intend to make his wife feel that he was ignoring her calls, although for her it seemed that way. So when Andrea arrives in the village, her relationship with Jamie will go through a rough patch.

Emmerdale Spoilers – Trying To Reconnect With His Mom

She wants to know why Jamie is still in town. She had an inkling that her husband was back in the village but didn’t expect him to go back to Home Farm after all he’s been through.

But, Andrea will eventually find out that Jamie has decided to reconnect with his mom, Kim Tate (Claire King). Jamie tries to convince Andrea to stay and even finds her a new job in town.

“Jamie falls in love with the village, despite the way that he came in with everyone hating him! He now wants to have his family there and he wants to reconnect with his mum on a deeper level,” Lincoln added.

Emmerdale Spoilers – Kim And Andrea Tate Confrontation?

“It’s difficult for him to cut Kim out completely, despite what she’s done in the past, so he tries to get Andrea to stay. Jamie tries to set Andrea up with a job first of all. He gets everybody to stay at Home Farm with him, which creates a bit of conflict. He says it’s a nice, sweet village and it’d be beautiful for Millie to grow up there.”

If Andrea decides to stay, she’ll most likely go head to head with Kim. They will end up in a confrontation even before they are formally introduced.

Kim is riding on her horse when it panics and bolts after Andrea’s car, with Millie on board, storms them. Well, this is definitely not a good first meeting.

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