EastEnders Spoilers: Tiffany Gets In Trouble Over Drug Dealing Job With Rat

EastEnders Spoilers: Tiffany Gets In Trouble Over Drug Dealing Job With Rat Tiffany Butcher’s (Maisie Smith) drug dealing job with Cameron “Rat” Morris (Kai O’Loughlin) was interrupted by Bernadette Taylor, (Clair Norris) who informed her that Evie knows what she’s doing. The ladies get into an argument. Rat takes advantage of the situation and secretly takes the drugs from Tiffany’s bag.

The three board the train but their carriage is held up on the platform as two police officers search the passengers. As the police officers approach them to search Bernadette, Tiffany starts to panic when she realizes that the drugs are not in her bag. What did Rat do to the drugs? Will the police find anything on Bernadette?

In the last episode, Tiffany discovered that the 12-year-old boy, Rat, who has been secretly staying in Ted Murray’s flat is running drugs for Evie Steele. (Sophia Capasso) Seeing Rat made Tiffany remember her brother especially when she saw how loyal he was to Evie. Despite Evie’s stern warning not to get involved and to stay low, Tiffany takes Rat under her wing and accompanies the nervous kid on his first job. She even got her BFF Bernadette to cover for her even if she feels uncomfortable with the situation and knew that Evie was just using her.

But things weren’t all good. Bernadette wasn’t able to control herself and confronted Evie. When Evie tried to convince her that Tiffany took the day off, Bernadette accidentally told Evie that Tiffany went with Rat on the job. As expected, Evie is furious and calls out Bernadette for lying about Tiffany’s whereabouts. She storms out of the room and vows to make Tiffany pay for not following her orders. She comes across Craig who hands her the money, which she angrily throws on the ground.

The look on Evie’s face shows that she definitely has something planned for Tiffany. She will get what Evie thinks Tiffany deserves and Bernadette could also be in danger. She might have gotten herself on Evie’s bad side. Viewers have to stay tuned to know what Evie’s plans are.

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