EastEnders News: Jacqueline Jossa Attacked, Shares Important Message

EastEnders News: Lauren Branning (Jacqueline Jossa)Former “EastEnders” Star Jacqueline Jossa wasn’t too happy with the comments of some of her followers after she posted a picture of herself wearing a bikini while on a family holiday with her husband Dan Osborne and their daughters.

“I am back from my short break with the hubby. I didn’t feel as confident as I wanted in my bikini but we move forward and I am back and ready to get on my 30 day challenge!! Herbalife has given me so much confidence and even though I’m not a ‘skinny Minnie’ I am happy and that’s what’s important,” she said on Instagram.

“I have a healthy diet and a perfect plan to follow. If you want to join our challenge dm and get started, it’s not too late! Summer is coming!! Hit me up in my DMs for the Challenge info or just get on board the plans! #herbaliferesults”

EastEnders News – Furious With Offensive Comments

Jossa, who played Lauren Branning on the show, was left furious by some of the comments on her Instagram. She hit back at those who said things about her body, which she considered as offensive.

“I feel like everyone has such an opinion on everything. They have an opinion on my relationship, that’s okay. It’s not your relationship.”

She also added that a lot of people have an opinion about her weight but also pointed that it’s her body, not theirs. She said, “If I want to take a picture and I’m happy with the way I look, so you should be too. I’m not fat. I’m a size 10-12. I’ve had two kids.”

EastEnders News – Jossa Doesn’t Shy Away From Issues

Jossa didn’t like it when people asked if she was pregnant. She emphasized that it is not just offensive to call someone overweight. She explained that they have no idea if the person is going through a hard time like trying to get pregnant for several years and questions like that could easily hurt that individual.

“Never just assume or bring up pregnancy,” she added.

She knows that a lot of people prefer to see photos of people who look normal and not photo-shopped. She also said that she posted a picture of herself in a bikini because she liked the picture and it’s not a big deal. She was also proud to have a healthy body even though she doesn’t have a flat tummy.

Jossa doesn’t shy away from addressing issues about her. Last year, she answered some questions about her marriage problems with Dan Osbourne following their brief split. She said their relationship was in a good place again and doesn’t want to continue talking about because it’s irrelevant.

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