Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Marlena and Kristen Call Truce: Both Want Best For Baby And Brady

Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers tease that Kristen (Stacey Haiduk) has gotten the one thing she thought she never would: Kristen is pregnant and having Brady’s baby! Kristen’s goal over the last several years has been to win back Brady’s (Eric Martsolf) love and she now has the best chance she has ever had at making that happen. But in order to truly get Brady, Kristen will have to do a lot more than just have his baby. She is going to need to make peace with Marlena (Deidre Hall).

DOOL Spoilers — Marlena & Kristen Have Been Enemies For Decades!

Kristen and Marlena have decades of animosity between them. Marlena is the reason Brady and Kristen’s wedding ceremony ended in chaos by unwittingly showing Eric (Greg Vaughan) and Kristen’s sex tape (Kristen drugged and basically raped Eric) which halted the ceremony.

Brady and Kristen have been apart ever since, so Kristen blames Marlena for that was also her rival for John’s (Drake Hogestyn) affection. Marlena wasn’t just being spiteful though. Kristen has kidnapped and tried to kill Marlena many times over the years.

Marlena’s is Brady stepmother and has basically raised him since his mother passed away. She most likely will do whatever it takes to make Brady happy, but that won’t mean she will ever trust Kristen. Too much has happened for them to ever completely trust each other. But for the sake of Brady and the unborn baby Kristen is carrying, perhaps they can call some sort of truce and try to get along or at least co-exist for the sake of peace.

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers — Kristen Has A Master Plan!

By her very nature, Kristen will most likely always have an outlandish scheme so even if Marlena does agree to peace, it will most likely be Kristen’s actions that will keep them from ever being anything that resembles friendship. Kristen tried to kill Marlena last year and Marlena almost died so it’s not like Kristen’s evil deeds are in the distant past. It will be interesting to see these two women try to navigate some sort of relationship.

Could Marlena and Kristen bury their past and form some sort of peaceful co-existence? Could they even form some sort of familial relationship? Or has too much happened between them? Spoilers show that Kristen will do just about anything for Brady, so anything could happen!

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