Neighbours Spoilers Week Of January 15: Legal Woes, Bad News, Angry Confrontations, And A Shocking Arrest!

 Neighbours Spoilers Week Of January 15: Legal Woes, Bad News, Angry Confrontations, And A Shocking Arrest! Neighbours spoilers for the week of Monday January 15 tease some major drama in Erinsborough.  One Neighbours’ character gets bad news about his future, meanwhile multiple people receive bad news and Mishti is forced to make a shocking arrest.  Check out our detailed Neighbours weekly spoilers below!

Monday 15th January

  • Tyler is in high spirits after he and Piper spend a fun day together, but the mood is soon ruined when Toadie tells Tyler that his charges have been upgraded from manslaughter to murder.
  • Ben helps Xanthe reenrol at Neighbours’ Erinsborough High, leading the couple to sleep together for the first time. It’s awkward afterwards, especially when Terese walks in on them in bed.
  • After Shane got hit by Jimmy’s speeding bike, Kirsha is filled with guilt and anxiety as she is convinced the accident is her fault.

Tuesday 16th January

  • With legal bills piling up, the Brennan’s decide to sell the Yacht. When Gary finds out he becomes excited and plans to buy the boat to run a business out of it. But with Paul as a major investor, it’s going to be tricky for Gary.
  • Rory mentions his dance troupe to David, who wants to take Aaron for a fun night out. However, he’s confused when he looks at the troupe online and sees a picture of Rory and Aaron with their arms around each other. 

Wednesday 17th January

  • When attending a Yoga class on Neighbours, Rory breaks it to David that he and Aaron have history.
  • Shane is disappointed when Amy tells him that The Flame Tree can’t afford a generator right now, but she points them in the direction of another potential investor.
  • Gary thinks Ben and Xanthe are about to sleep together again at Lassiter’s so storms into a hotel room. They aren’t there – but Shane’s potential investor is! Has he totally ruined Shane’s chances?

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Thursday 18th January

  • According to Neighbours spoilers, When Terese finds out what Gary did at Lassiters she bans him from the premises immediately.
  • Elsewhere, Shane returns home from a night of drinking and finds out that it was Gary who ruined his chances with the investor. Still under the influence, an angry Shane heads to the Canning house.
  • Mishti and Leo are supposed to be going on their first date in a long time, but she cancels after being asked to cover a night shift. When her boss drops her off home, she sees Shane violently confronting Gary. With her bosses’ eye on her, Mishti is forced to arrest her brother-in-law.

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Friday 19th January

  • Neighbours spoilers tease Elly and Amy invite Jack and Mark to play croquet with them, hoping to ease the tension between the boys. Jack is wrongly convinced that Mark and Elly are flirting and confronts Mark, who challenges Jack to admit that he doesn’t like him in his son’s life. Tensions flare and the two men end up fighting.
  • Dipi is furious that Mishti chose work over her family. After having a heart to heart with Mishti, Shane decides he needs focus in his life, so decides to put his efforts back into inventing.
  • Paul tells Leo that he wants his son to climb the Lassiters Ladder, but Leo is put off when he finds out that his life is all mapped out for him – and it’s in Erinsborough.

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