General Hospital Spoilers & Recap November 30: Sam Flirts With Jason – Alexis Represents Griffin

General Hospital Spoilers & Recap November 30: Sam Flirts With Jason - Alexis Represents GriffinGeneral Hospital (GH) recap for Friday, November 30, 2018, reveals Sam (Kelly Monaco) comes downstairs, Jason (Steve Burton) is asleep on the couch. Sam starts to touch him, Jason grabs her hand then apologizes, she says he still has great reflexes. Jason asks Sam how she is feeling; she’s feeling better.

GH Spoilers – Kristina Tries Home Treatment

Sam asks if Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) was there, Jason says yes she took the kids to Monica (Leslie Charleston). Sam says it’s a shame, all that privacy and she was knocked out from cold medicine. Sam apologizes, Jason says it’s ok, she says she shouldn’t be flirting when she asked him to wait, they start to kiss and Kristina (Lexi Ainsworth) walks into the room.

Kristina teases Sam and Jason about needing therapy. Kristina tells Sam that Molly (Haley Pullos) owes her $50 because they had a bet on when Sam and Jason would hook up. Sam’s prescription is ready, Jason goes to get it. Sam asks how Kristina’s night was. Kristina tells Sam about volunteering at the homeless shelter and then their group talk and dinner at the house.

Sam and Kristina talk more. Sam wants to take a nap, Kristina rubs essential oils on Sam’s head that Daisy (Kelsey Wang) has shown her. Kristina tells Sam to think about something happy from the past. Jason walks in with Sam’s meds, and they exchange glances. Sam tells Jason that Kristina was trying to do some home remedy on her. Sam and Jason’s exchanges thank you, and you’re welcome.

General Hospital Spoilers – Oscar’s Begins Treatment

General Hospital’s Drew (Billy Miller) and Kim (Tamara Braun) are waiting for Oscar (Garren Stitt) to show up at the hospital. Drew starts to call when Oscar steps out of the elevator. Terri (Cassandra James) asks if Oscar is ready to begin his treatment. This virus has been made specifically for Oscar’s cancer. Terri tells Oscar that there have been some positive results. Terri gives Oscar the paperwork on the trial, and he needs to sign it. Terri asks Oscar if he has any questions he didn’t want to ask in front of his parents.

Oscar asks Terri if this is going to hurt, Kim overhears and walks off. Oscar tells Terri he doesn’t want to lose his hair. Terri tells Oscar she doesn’t think he will but may have fever, chills, fatigue. Terri tells Oscar it could get rid of the tumor or it could make him worse. Terri sends Liz (Rebecca Herbst) into Oscar’s room to talk to calm him down. Terri and the orderly are taking Oscar for his treatment. Oscar takes a moment with Kim and Drew. Drew asks if Oscar is nervous and tells him they will be there for him. Oscar tells Kim and Drew he loves them both. Oscar goes for treatment and Drew asks if Kim wants coffee.

GH Spoilers – Scott Drops In On Franco

General Hospital’s Liz asks Franco (Roger Howarth) if he got the kids off to school ok. Liz believes Cameron (William Lipton) is having problems with Jocelyn (Eden McCoy). Franco remarks that Liz tells him she is a good kid. Scott (Kin Shriner) arrives and tells Franco that Kiki (Hayley Erin) is dead. Franco slams the door and tells Scott it isn’t true. Scott tells them about Kiki’s murder, Scott wanted to tell them before he heard it on the news. Scott is going to see Ava; Franco goes with him. Franco goes to the hospital and sees Kiki’s name on the duty roster. Liz hugs Franco.

General Hospital Spoilers – Curtis Tells Nina About Kiki

General Hospital’s Nina (Michelle Stafford) and Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) join Sasha (Sophie Mattsson). Curtis (Donnell Turner) walks up and tells Nina they postponed the honeymoon due to recent events. Valentin has seen Griffin (Matt Cohen) upset, but he would never kill anyone. Curtis says the investigation is in the early stages, but there is physical evidence pointing to him.

Sasha is upset over Kiki, and she mentions the set up that Ava (Maura West) pulled on them. Curtis questions what Sasha is talking about a setup. Curtis wants Sasha to go to the PCPD to tell Jordan about what Ava did to her and Griffin. Valentin says Sasha isn’t going anywhere without her attorney. Curtis pushes wanting her to go, Valentin asks if he is deputized. Valentin tells Curtis the PCPD can come to them so they can have a lawyer present. Curtis has to take the information to Jordan, and the police will be in touch. Sasha tells Valentin she is leaving today.


Jordan Grills Griffin

General Hospital’s Griffin wants to talk to the police. Alexis is with Griffin; she comes outside to try and calm down Julian. Anna (Finola Hughes) goes to speak to Griffin; he didn’t kill Kiki, Anna knows and hugs him. Jordan (Briana Nicole Henry) starts badgering Griffin about his day yesterday. Griffin tells Jordan he and Kiki were alone. Jordan says Griffin had plenty of time to kill Kiki and move her body. Griffin asks Jordan to give him one reason why he would want to hurt Kiki, Jordan says Monica gave her one.

Anna gets a flight reminder but doesn’t want to leave. Griffin tells Anna she cants do anything to help him right now and should go. Anna will keep tabs on the case and be back if Griffin needs her. Alexis tells Jordan that Griffin didn’t kill Kiki and she knows it. Jordan asks who they should be questioning, Alexis says whoever knew her life well enough to frame Griffin. Alexis tells Jordan that Griffin wouldn’t have let them touch his room if he knew the knife was hidden there and she knows that. Ava sneaks into the PCPD with a gun.

Kim Apologizes To Julian

General Hospital’s Julian (William DeVry) shows up at the PCPD threatening to attack Griffin. Anna grabs Julian and slams him on a table. Julian goes to the hospital and sits with Kim. Kim apologizes to Julian for the way she acted yesterday. Julian says he betrayed her trust. Kim tells Julian he was trying to protect her. Kim was angry and scared, and she took it out on him. Julian’s presence means the world to Kim and will to Oscar too. Julian wishes Oscar the best, tell him to get well soon, he’s one hell of a busboy.

Kim senses something is wrong, Julian evades the question. Julian kisses Kim and tells her to call if she needs him. Julian goes back to Ava’s with her medication. Ryan (Jon Lindstrom) tells Julian that Ava needs to see her brother. They go into Ava’s room, Ryan notices the ammunition on Ava’s bed and wonders what she has done. Julian looks for Ava in the bathroom.

Ava Blames Herself

General Hospital’s Ava is in bed with Kiki’s photos. Ryan walks him, she calls to Kiki, he tells her Kiki is dead, Ava begins to sob. Ava wants Avery, but Ryan tells her she doesn’t need to see her mother like this. Ryan says he will take care of Ava. Julian shows up, Ryan doesn’t want him to see Ava. Ryan tells Julian Ava is close to a nervous breakdown. Julian wants to know if he should put Ava in Shadybrook, Ryan says he will take care of her and sends Julian to pick up a prescription.

Franco and Scott arrive, and Ryan opens the door. Ava comes out and tells Franco she’s sober, she throws him a flask and asks if he wants to fix that. Ava tells Franco he doesn’t have to try to comfort her. Ava tells Franco that she knows he hates her because she pushed him out of Kiki’s life and if she hadn’t he would have protected Kiki from her mother. Ryan goes to Ava’s room and tells her that Franco said she was blaming herself for Kiki’s death. Ava says she wished for Kiki to be hurt and for Griffin to hurt her and he did. Ryan tells Ava she didn’t hurt Kiki, Griffin did.

Jason Wants To Help Oscar

General Hospital’s Jason speaks to Drew at the hospital and asks how they all are. Jason tells Drew to tell Oscar to let him know if he needs anything. Drew promises to tell Oscar that Jason asked about him because Oscar needs to know that people care

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