General Hospital Spoilers: Drew Works With Sonny and Jason To Take Margaux Down!

General Hospital Spoilers: Drew Works With Sonny and Jason To Take Margaux Down! General Hospital spoilers tease that Drew Cain (Billy Miller) will continue being torn between taking DA Margaux Dawson’s (Elizabeth Hendrickson) offer of the flash drive containing his memories, and hurting his friends and family, including Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) and his family.

There is also the possibility that if Drew’s old memories were restored that he may lose his memories of the last five years, which would mean he would remember his relationship with Kim Nero (Tamara Braun), but forget their son Oscar Nero (Garren Stitt).

He could also risk losing his memories of his time with ex-wife Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) and their daughter Scout (Palmer and Poe Parker). He may also remember things he really doesn’t care to remember, such as his capture by Cesar Faison (Anders Hove) and his training to become Helena Cassadine’s (Constance Towers) “toy soldier” and possibly some traumatic childhood memories of hiding from Jim Harvey (Greg Evigan).

In the GH episode of October 17, 2018 Drew admits to Sonny that he and Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) had always been good to him, even after everyone realized he really wasn’t his twin Jason Morgan (Steve Burton). They discussed Margaux’s vendetta against Sonny, and how she was trying to use Drew’s Jason memories to take Sonny down. They also discussed how personal her vendetta is, and Drew mentioned he’d never ratted Sonny out for anything before, but then again, Drew had never had an incentive to do so.

Sonny encouraged Drew not to let himself be used by Margaux for his Jason memories. Previously, Drew had asked Peter August (Wes Ramsey) about the memory mapping procedure since Peter had knowledge of the procedures, and Peter’s opinion was that he may indeed lose the past five years if his old memories were re-implanted.

Nevertheless, the possibility of Drew’s regaining his past memories is a tempting offer, despite the risks. If Drew admits that he has found out Margaux actually has the flash drive to Sonny, Sonny may be able to come up with a plan where by working together, possibly with Jason and perhaps Damian Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) they can retrieve the flash drive without Drew having to rat Sonny out for anything!


Other General Hospital spoilers tease that Sonny, Jason, and Carly Corinthos, with the help of Spinelli dig up some dirt on Margaux from her past as an assistant district attorney in California and expose a scandal she was involved in that resulted in sanctions being taken against her.

Even though Drew and Jason don’t exactly have a loving, true brotherly relationship with each other, if they would be working together for a common goal, especially if Sonny requested it, Jason would be all in. After all, he even employed the help of his former arch enemy Franco (Roger Howarth) in springing Carly from Ferncliff, as Franco had told Drew in a recent conversation! That scene may have been a hint of another unlikely pairing to work a plan…Jason and Drew!

Together, Sonny, Jason, Drew, and possibly Spinelli could work up a plan to retrieve the flash drive without Margaux’s knowledge. Drew could take her out on a couple of dinner dates to distract her and get her out of her apartment; gaining access would be no problem since Carly is part owner of the Metro Court, where Margaux lives, and would have a master key. Spinelli may come in handy figuring out the combination to the safe where Margaux keeps the drive, and it’s even possible he may not need to if it is a safe that comes with the apartment rather than her own. Carly may have a way to overcome that obstacle as well.

It’s even possible they wouldn’t have to have the drive itself with Spinelli’s help; data from the flash drive will leave imprints of itself on the hard drive of a computer even without being downloaded. Spinelli may be able to retrieve enough information to clone the contents of the flash drive. But even if they retrieve the drive itself without Margaux’s knowledge, if they can coordinate the threat of public exposure of her past scandal in California with the retrieval of the drive, her hands may be tied legally as far as any breaking and entering charge, let alone theft.

After all, Margaux was never the rightful owner of the flash drive, and Carly has the right as her landlord to enter her apartment! If the safe belongs to the Metro Court also, problem solved! Stay tuned to GH and keep checking General Hospital spoilers frequently to see the dramatic conclusion of “Margaux’s misappropriated memory mapping flash drive versus Spinelli spy smarts”!

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