General Hospital Fans Speak Out: Cancer Storyline Should Focus On Oscar and Not Everyone In PC

General Hospital Fans Speak Out: Cancer Storyline Should Focus On Oscar and Not Everyone In PC Some General Hospital (GH) fans are in an uproar and rightly so. Oscar (Garren Stitt) is the one who has cancer, and the whole story is focusing more on everyone else than Oscar. Are fans wrong to want Oscar’s cancer storyline to be about him and his issues instead of everyone in Port Charles?

Oscar’s Parents Chose To Wait To Tell Him

General Hospital’s Oscar’s parents chose to wait to tell him anything. Kim (Tamara Braun) was unfair to both Oscar and Drew (Billy Miller) because she has had years to deal with this. Now we have them threatening to force Oscar to have a treatment that may not work, and he may not even want. How about we concentrate on giving Oscar the pros and cons of the treatments? Everybody and their brother nearly knew before Oscar; the kid should be first somewhere in this.

All About Drew’s Memory

General Hospital’s Drew has made no effort to get his memory before now all the sudden he can consider betraying Sonny and Jason and chalk it up to wanting to connect with Oscar. What is his memory going to help Oscar with exactly? Unless Drew had cancer as a teen and beat it, why does it matter? Oscar needs his father to be sorry for not being honest with him. Oscar needs the focus to be on him, not on Drew’s memory, not on who found out first, not on doubt about his survival; Oscar needs his sickness to be about him.

Kim Connecting With Julian

General Hospital’s Kim caused this entire mess. Should Kim not be concentrating on repairing her relationship with her son instead of whether or not to tell Julian the truth? Oscar already knows, so does half the town, what is the big deal with Julian knowing? Why does Kim not try harder to make things right with her dying son instead of planning ways to force or trick him into treatment? Kim should be making every effort to repair the relationship with her son instead of planning to force him into something he doesn’t want.


Why Not Consult With Robin?

General Hospital’s Robin (Kimberly McCullough) pops in and out of town at will and brains have always been her specialty. Robin made the protocol that saved Jason’s (Steve Burton) life in 2012, why not at least consult with her about a protocol to shrink the tumor to make it operable?

Monica (Leslie Charleston) has asked Jason to spend time with Oscar, and they discussed Robin, why is there no mention enlisting her help? This story could have so much more potential, why not write it that way?

It seems that some very obvious issues that need attention would make this story better. Should the story not focus more on the injured party, Oscar and helping deal with his illness instead of everyone else’s reaction to it?

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