General Hospital Recap October 16 – Spencer Returns, Laura Is Suspicious Of Kevin

General Hospital Recap October 16 – Spencer Returns, Laura Is Suspicious Of Kevin General Hospital (GH) recap for Tuesday October 16, 2018 reveals, Maxie (Kirsten Storms) and Nina (Michelle Stafford) pose for a picture at the festival. Maxie is upset that Lulu (Emme Rylan) and Peter (Wes Ramsey) arrived together.

Maxie Is Jealous Of Lulu and Peter

Peter and Lulu discuss the movie they started to watch. Maxie says Lulu and Peter do not look professional. Maxie says Lulu isn’t looking to stray, but that doesn’t mean she won’t. Peter and Lulu approach Nina and Maxie. Nina asks Lulu’s permission to order a riding coat for Charlotte. Nina asks Lulu how her work at “The Invader” is going. Peter and Maxie talk about the movie and work. Peter asks how James is and asks if he can stop by sometime. Peter and Lulu leave, Nina tells Maxie she thinks Lulu is attracted to Peter, but he doesn’t feel the same. Nina doesn’t think Peter and Maxie will ever be that close again.

Ryan Is Happy Spencer Is There

General Hospital’s Spencer (Nicholas Bechtel) arrives at Laura’s (Genie Frances) door with flowers. Laura demands to know why Spencer is there. Laura is ready to put Spencer in a different school immediately. Laura tells Spencer she had to stay with him so long because of this. Spencer claims to want to talk to Jocelyn because of the breakup. Laura tells Spencer she knows he just wanted to come home. Spencer tells Laura he missed her. Ryan (Jon Lindstrom) comes home and asks who we have here.

Spencer apologizes to Ryan for taking all of Laura’s time lately. Ryan assures Spencer that it is ok and there is no need to apologize. Ryan tells Laura he stopped off for a drink to regroup. Ryan tells Laura he is going out, Milo is picking Spencer up to take him visiting. Laura wants her husband all to herself. Laura wants to have some romantic time with her husband. Ryan wants to take a shower. First, he kisses Laura and goes upstairs. Laura has wine when Ryan comes back downstairs. Ryan pulls away saying he worries Spencer is coming back and wants to postpone their reunion a little while longer.

Ryan Encourages Ava To Explore Her Feelings

General Hospital’s Ryan is toasting Kevin (Jon Lindstrom) as Ava (Maura West) approaches him. Ava joins Ryan who explains that he had a trying session and needed to relax before going home. Ava asks about the session he mentioned. Ava tells Ryan he has been thinking about her options. Ryan says hiding from our feelings is when they control us. Ava suggests leaving town for a while; he tells her no.

Ava tells Ryan she believes she should remove herself from her emotional triggers. Ryan advises Ava to explore her impulses. Ryan thinks Ava is a remarkable woman. Spencer confronts Ava over backing out of their deal. Ava offers Spencer excuses of why she took Valentin’s help. Spencer tells Ava she only cares about her beauty. Spencer tells Ava the woman in the hospital was beautiful, but not the woman he sees now.


Jason And Monica Spend Time Together

General Hospital’s Jason (Steve Burton) goes to visit Monica (Leslie Charleston). Monica tells Jason he didn’t remember but was great threw her breast cancer. Jason tells Monica he didn’t realize how much he knew about cancer. Monica says it has always been Jason’s first instinct to help the people he loves. Jason asks how he can take care of Monica. Monica tells Jason about her fear for Oscar (Garren Stitt). Monica tells Jason that she believes Oscar has given up. Jason says Oscar may change his mind.

Monica only has their experiences together and can take one day to the next. Jason hugs Monica and comforts her. Jason and Monica talk about Jason and Drew’s relationship. Monica wants Jason to spend time with Oscar so they can remember him together. Monica thanks Jason for coming over. Jason tells Monica the kids are so lucky to have her. Jason tells Monica he knows she will fight to the death for all of them. Jason tells Monica she has never given up even through all the loss she has suffered. Monica wants Oscar to have a chance, Jason says they all do.

Sam Offers Drew Support

General Hospital’s Drew (Billy Miller) goes to talk to Sam (Kelly Monaco). Drew wants Sam’s advice on how to make things better for Oscar. Sam tells Drew he doesn’t have to do this alone, but she doesn’t know what the answer if for Oscar. Drew says this experience has been overwhelming. Drew talks about all of these relationships that have formed without them noticing. Drew says Monica has lost so much, Sam agrees. Drew can’t stand the thought of Monica losing anyone else.

Drew can’t decide for one person without affecting others. Sam tells Drew that Oscar needs him and he needs to find solace in each moment. Sam tells Drew to tell him three things about Oscar. Sam points out how much Oscar is like Drew. Drew says there isn’t enough of those moments. Sam tells Drew there are more to come. Sam tells Drew that these are the things that last and you will take with you forever. Scout cries and Sam sends Drew to get her. Drew carries Scout downstairs, and they spend a few minutes talking to her together.

Kiki and Griffin Make Love

General Hospital’s Kiki (Hayley Erin) and Griffin (Matt Cohen) are at the flip festival and looking forward to their date. Kiki and Griffen go home and watch movies on tv. Griffin asks Kiki to dance, and they waltz around the room. Kiki likes this better than the festival but tells Griffin it is dangerous. Griffin asks why and she says he knows what dancing leads to with them. Griffin asks if that is a bad thing, Kiki says no, and they begin kissing. Kiki and Griffin make love on the couch.

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