Emmerdale Spoilers: Tracy’s Dark Past Comes Back To Haunt Her

Emmerdale Spoilers: Tracy's Dark Past Comes Back To Haunt Her On Emmerdale it’s been revealed that Tracy Metcalfe (Amy Walsh) and Phil (Ryan Hayes) go way back, but how dark is the connection between them?

The two were first seen together at the Woolpack where she asked him for a drink. But all was not as it initially appeared, as later on Phil was seen gazing at a picture of Amy on his phone, one that obviously wasn’t taken that night.

So why did Phil pretend not to know the pretty blonde? Things only got murkier when he said out loud, “You may have changed your name, but you haven’t changed one bit.”  

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On the heels of the characters’ clandestine encounter, the super soap has delivered a brand new video shoot featuring Walsh. In light of the new promo, Walsh spilled some deets about what’s in store for her character, but in keeping with soap opera tradition, she stopped just short of revealing everything!

According to Digital Spy the actress reveals that Tracey’s world will be rocked in the future, when the past catches up to her. Even more delicious, she promises that the storyline will come with a bit of an edge.

A bit of her history comes back, someone from her past comes into her life and it gets quite dark,” says Walsh.

What secrets are yet to be revealed between the handsome handyman who was hired to re-do the convenience store and Tracey? We know that when Tracey came to the Dales four years ago she worked as an adult-chat telephone worker.

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It’s also been revealed that she has worked in the adult entertainment industry. Nonetheless, Tracey has since been content to be married to David Metcalfe (Matthew Wolfenden) and help raise his kids.

Is their relationship now doomed with the arrival of the mysterious Phil? What could Phil possibly know about Tracey beyond what we already know about her?

Whatever it is, it appears that Tracey’s world is set to detonate in a most unforgettable manner!

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