Days of Our Lives RUMOR: Lani Loses The Baby?

Days of Our Lives RUMOR: Lani Loses The Baby?Lani (Sal Stowers) and Valerie (Vanessa Williams) buried the hatchet today and apologized to each other. Lani even admitted to Valerie being right to force her to be honest with Eli (Lamon Archey). Is all this baby talk leading up to a tragic end for the baby that should have been J.J.’s?

Lani Believes The Baby Is Safe

Lani has been through several scares with this baby and now that she’s entering the home stretch she is looking forward to the birth. Lani and the baby’s health has remained stable for some time now and everyone is beginning to relax.

Lani told Claire (Olivia Rose Keegan) today that she made a mistake and slept with Eli and patting her belly says we know how that turned out. On a soap opera, it is never a good thing to refer to a baby as a mistake. Even if that child is later loved and a blessing, it usually doesn’t turn out well.

Valerie Want To Attend The Birth

At lunch today, Valerie even ask Lani if she could attend the baby’s birth. Lani hasn’t really thought about who she wants there. Lani is barely able to accept Eli at Lamaze classes, now his mother wants to see give birth to her baby.

Lani may think this is just a little too much, grandmother or now, some women just don’t want an audience when giving birth.

Valerie’s parting words to Lani was to call her if the obstetrician is unavailable, but it’s doubtful that she would do that, Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) was the only person she confided in before and would probably be her choice.

Lani Has Another Scare

Rumor are that Lani has another scare and J.J (Casey Moss) is the one who gets her to the hospital. It seems the baby is in trouble and they are forced to do an emergency C-section.

Apparently, the baby doesn’t survive, whether they don’t get to it in time or it is born alive and dies shortly after we don’t yet know. However, Eli is there and tries to remain positive until he gets this news and he is crushed.

Viewers will remember that at one point, Eli was willing to let J.J. raise the baby as his own, but now he’s invested in this child and in a blink, it’s gone.

Someone Has To Tell Lani About The Baby

Assuming like most tv C-sections that Lani is asleep during the surgery, she is literally going to be the last to know that her baby didn’t survive.

Eli is distraught but he feels it’s his place to tell Lani about the baby. Eli and Lani created this baby together and he will want to mourn it together. Lani may not be open to this though because, without that baby, she may believe there is a chance to get J.J.

back and mend their relationship. Eli might see it as a second chance for himself and Gabi (Camille Banus) too, but after they deal with the death.

No matter how this works out, it’s unlikely that Eli and Lani will stay together, but it’s possible to be brought together by tragedy. There is also no guarantee that Gabi or J.J. will want either of them back. Hang onto your seats because this story could be one bumpy Days of Our Lives ride.

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