Days of Our Lives Recap Tuesday, October 9, 2018 – Eric Vows To Save Nicole; John Vows To Find Xander

Days of Our Lives (DOOL) recap for Tuesday, October 9, 2018, reveals, Sheila (Tione “T-Boz” Watkins) and Eli (Lamon Archey) are discussing job opportunities. Eli offers to help Sheila type up her resume.

Sheila Defends Eli To Lani

Eli advises Sheila to go ahead and apply for the job. Lani (Sal Stowers) hears Sheila refer to Abe (James Reynolds) as a jackass. Sheila tells Lani that Abe is condescending and a creep. Eli tries to shut Sheila up when she goes at Lani. Sheila tells Lani that Eli is a good catch but not good enough for her. Lani tells Sheila to mind her own business. Sheila apologizes to Eli and vows to find a job. Sheila can’t find anything else to apply for as a job. Eli tells Sheila she is staying with him since she’s living in her car.

Valerie And Abe Argue

Days of Our Lives’ Abe and Valerie (Vanessa Williams) meet up at the pub. Abe is in a bad mood over Sheila still. Abe tells Valerie about Sheila being in town. Abe mentions his credit card and parking space. Abe tells Valerie that Sheila is a menace. Abe tells Valerie about Eli helping Sheila. Valerie never liked Eli hanging around Sheila. Abe tells Valerie that Eli and Sheila seem pretty tight. Sheila tells Lani what she thinks of her. Abe makes excuses for Lani not wanting a relationship with Eli. Abe thinks he and Valerie will be in trouble if she lets their children’s issues dominate their relationship. Valerie apologizes to Abe and agrees to keep their kids out of their relationship.

Brady Plans To Learn Kristen’s Secrets

Days of Our Lives’ Kristen (Stacy Haiduk) and Brady (Eric Martsolf) get a motel room. Brady is wondering about their destination, Kristen evades the questions. Brady brings Kristen Twizzlers for a snack. Kristen can’t believe they are together. Kristen is trying to figure out Brady’s end game. Kristen asks Brady if this is a trick. Brady tells Kristen that he isn’t playing her, they are two of a kind. Brady wants Kristen to promise not to go after his family again. Brady tells Kristen that he still has feelings for her.

Brady still sees the woman he fell in love with before. Brady wants Kristen to look at him and promise to give this obsession up. Kristen talks about the convent and changing. Brady appeals to Kristen’s demons; she needs to know if they can be together. Brady said he tried to convince himself that he didn’t love Kristen. Brady only wants Kristen. They begin to kiss and undress. Brady tells Kristen how beautiful her tattoo is. Brady tells her to get a heart with his name in it. Kristen feels like she has woken up from a terrible nightmare. Kristen says it was painful thinking he hated her. Brady tells Kristen he thought she was with E.J. and asks if that was a lie. Kristen refuses to talk to Brady about E.J. Brady is determined to uncover all of Kristen’s secrets.


John Promises To Get Out Of His Marriage

Days of Our Lives’ John (Drake Hogestyn) identifies Xander (Paul Telfer) as the shooter. Sami (Alison Sweeney) tells them that Eric (Greg Vaughan) told her about Xander. They try to figure out what Xander’s plan is. John thinks Kristen hired Xander for a backup. Marlena (Deidre Hall) questions how Xander and Kristen would know each other. Sami didn’t see Xander when Kristen was holding her.

John is going to alert Hope to Xander’s involvement. Marlena thinks Kristen has left town. John has spoken to Hope and Victor. John says fugitives always screw up. John tells Sami to be careful about getting her hopes up about E.J. Sami believes it is going to be different this time. Sami calls her kids to check in then vows to find E.J. John promises to get out of the marriage to Hattie and to find Xander.

Nicole Threatens To Kill Xander

Days of Our Lives’ Nicole (Arianne Zucker) tells Eric that Brady isn’t the problem, Xander comes in and says he is. Eric tries to choke Xander. Eric tells Xander that Nicole would never stay there willingly. Xander tells Nicole to explain. Nicole tells Eric that Xander knows the truth. Xander explains how he got the recording of Nicole’s confession. Eric finds out that Nicole is married to Xander.

Nicole tells Eric that she wasn’t going to leave Holly. Xander tells Eric that he was the target but moved, and Marlena got shot instead. Nicole is shocked that Xander tries to kill Eric. Xander gets a gun and threatens to kill Eric. Nicole tells Xander he has to let Xander leave and they can renegotiate their marriage agreement. Xander tells Eric to leave, he refuses. Nicole begs Eric to leave for her. Eric leaves, and Nicole threatens to kill Xander. Eric vows to save Nicole and Holly if it’s the last thing he does

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