Who Do You Prefer Y&R Sharon With Nick Or Scott? VOTE!

Who Do You Prefer Y&R Sharon With Nick Or Scott? VOTE!

The Young and the Restless’ Sharon McAvoy (Sharon Case) has recently paired up with the handsome Scott Grainger (Daniel Hall), but there’s no denying the connection that she still has with Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow). So our question to you is, do you prefer Sharon with Nick or Scott?

Sharon McAvoy has not had such great luck in the men department, but she recently moved on with Scott Grainger. Scott seems to be good for Sharon being that he does not judge her and loves her just the way she is, but there’s one problem and her name is Abby Newman (Melissa Ordway).

Scott denies there is any chemistry between him and Abby, but others sure can see it. However, Scott has told Sharon she has nothing to worry about and has been by her side since they first started dating. He could be just the man for her and seems to be great for her mental health. Do you Y&R fans think so? Do you think they make a great pair?

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When it comes to her relationship with Nick Newman there is no denying how they get one another. Of course, they have spent most of their lives together! Not only that they share children together so this will always have them connected. So Scott will have to face the facts that Nick will always be in her life. Nick and Sharon have so much history together and know one another better than anyone else knows them. They seem to be getting a long really great lately, so could you see them back together?

Do you think they make a better pair than her and Scott? Sharon and Nick always seems to find their way back to another. So who do you think is the better man for her? Please take a vote in our poll and let us know who you prefer Sharon with Nick or Scott. Make sure to stay tuned to CBS’s “The Young and the Restless” to see what the future holds for Sharon McAvoy!

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