Coronation Street Spoilers: Pat Phelan To Really Kill Andy This Time – Digs Grave

Coronation Street Spoilers: Pat Phelan To Really Kill Andy This Time - Digs Grave Last week Coronation Street viewers got quite a shock when they realized that Pat Phelan (Connor McIntyre) didn’t actually kill Andy Carver (Oliver Farnsworth): he’s been keeping him hostage for over six months!

Just when it looked like Pat might be on the road to rehabilitation, this happens. Fans had no reason not to believe that Pat killed Andy when he attacked him months ago. Andy disappeared from view, and we assumed that he became another one of Pat’s victims.

Well, he did become a victim, but a very much alive one. Corrie executed a masterful bit of storytelling that viewers didn’t see coming when it was revealed that Andy has been kept prisoner in a dank basement all this time. But to what end has Pat been keeping the poor man barely alive?

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Does nefarious Pat need a reason for his demented actions? One day he’s a loving father to his newly-found daughter Nicola (Nicola Thorp), the next he’s the same old degenerate, lying to his loved ones about the visible injuries he’s incurred while tending to his prisoner.

But things are starting to take an even more sinister turn, as Pat is coming to the conclusion that his Andy problem must be taken care of once and for all.

What’s Pat’s solution? When he decides to dig a hole in the ground, it’s not for planting potatoes! Pat is digging a grave for Andy, with the belief that his troubles will be buried along with the body.

Will the unscrupulous builder get away with his sinister plan? Will he live out his days as a doting family man, maybe even getting the chance to be a grandfather to Nicola’s baby?

Anything is possible, but Nicola is growing more and more suspicious of her father with each passing day, and with every new tidbit of information that she learns about the con artist. This Coronation Street storyline appears destined for a dramatic and tragic climax, but who will pay the price for Pat’s crimes?

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