This Is Us News: Fans Perform Dance Inspired By Kevin’s Painting, Watch Emotional Video Here!


This Is Us News: Fans Perform Dance Inspired By Kevin's Painting, Watch Emotional Video Here! “This Is Us” fans were very touched after watching the episode “The Game Plan,” in which Kevin showed his nieces a Pollock-style painting that he had made as a reflection of his complicated feelings about his Broadway play and he really made us feel what he was feeling.

As you all know Kevin Pearson (Justin Hartley) explained to his nieces the cycle of life and death and the interconnected nature of our lives and the lasting imprint that we leave behind. His words and the painting inspired several fans so much that they took the meaning to a whole new level.

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A group at 360 Dance Studio in Louisville, Kentucky made a dance routine to honor their late friend. The dance teacher Gret Gulley wrote Justin Hartley a letter letting him know just how much it had touched their hearts with his very kind and gentle words on the show.

Then she explained to him that one of their very own dance alum, Amanda had passed away in December from brain cancer and as everyone was preparing for Amanda’s passing the show provided comfort to them. The show “This Is Us,” is very powerful and it’s awesome that it helped them deal with a very trying time in their life.

Gret Gully and her group of 11-14 year old girls created a three-minute dance set to Kevin’s extraordinary, bigger-than-all-of-us monologue. It was a great tribute to Amanda and Justin Hartley got to see the routine for himself.

Justin Hartley was in Louisville attending the Kentucky Derby and made time to meet up with all these ladies which he had inspired. He even tweeted “Was thrilled to meet these young women of 360 Dance Studio in Louisville, KY! Lovely tribute to your friend.” That was so sweet of Justin to take time out of his day to go visit the dancers.

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It seems like fall can not get here fast enough for the show we all know and love “This Is Us,” to return, but in the meantime you can check out the painting dance right here.

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