‘The Young and the Restless’ Spoilers: Billy Looks Like The Bad Guy Again – Vickie Channels Victor Newman

'The Young and the Restless' Spoilers: Billy Looks Like The Bad Guy Again - Vickie Channels Victor NewmanReed (Tristan Lake Leabu) dropped the hammer on ‘The Young and the Restless’. Victoria (Amelia Heinle) caught him kissing a smitten girl in the living room when he was supposed to be watching his siblings. After being pressed for information, Reed matter-of-factly advised his mom that Billy (Jason Thompson) told him all he needed to know about romantic matters.

Billy’s reaction shot was priceless, evoking laughter from appreciative audience members across the soap opera world. He hadn’t done what Reed said and yes, that is being a bit technical. Billy was aware that Reed’s interest in the fairer sex was blossoming, but chose to maintain his former stepson’s confidence instead of discussing the matter with Victoria, as he should have.

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Longtime Y&R fans are well aware of Vickie’s many male related pursuits and relationships back through the years. During those instances Victor’s (Eric Braeden) reactions seemed suffocating. Now that she’s a parent of an ambitious teenager, daddy’s perceived outrages appear wise in retrospect.

As for Billy-boy’s involvement in this relatively innocent matter; Vickie’s ex-husband and probable soul mate wasn’t trying to cause any harm. He doesn’t have experience in handling teenagers himself and feels unsure about offering hard advice to anyone based upon his past indiscretions. Plus, he’s been walking on cartons of eggshells regarding all aspects of Vickie’s life for the past number of months.

Vickie has taken to overreacting Newman style about nearly everything. Her self-created home situation is one of the main causes of that outlook. But this high-pressured mom deserves the benefit of the doubt as well, as she’s trying to handle life as a single mom.

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People who believe they are enlightened often reject tradition and provable common sense. In reality that contingent has bought into old-fashioned thinking where everyone is their own god.

A solid two-parent family would solve many of Vickie’s issues. Whether Billy eventually becomes her husband again and therefore, needed male figure in his children’s lives and in Reed’s life, is far from a sure bet (wink).

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