‘The Young and the Restless’ RUMOR: Hilary Wins One Billion – Hevon’s Divorce Is Rewarding

'The Young and the Restless' RUMOR: Hilary Wins One Billion – Hevon's Divorce Is RewardingDevon’s (Bryton James) impulsive actions will cost him plenty on ‘The Young and the Restless’. Due to the lack of a prenuptial agreement, Hilary (Mishael Morgan) will work through Leslie (Angell Conwell) to win a one billion dollar award in divorce court. The former Mrs. Hamilton will then gain the money to match her mouth and become an immovable force in Genoa City.

He fell under the spell of a perceived, or possibly real true love. An uncountable number of men and women can surely say the same out there in soap opera fan land. However, it’s likely that all of those viewers weren’t worth a few billion dollars like Devon. So whatever percentage of daytime devotees have experienced similar messy breakups surely didn’t also lose an amount that totaled 10 figures.

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Imagine what Katherine (Jeanne Cooper) will be thinking when her grandson’s inheritance is halved in coming months. The ‘Duchess’ will be beside herself on some comfortable cloud no doubt.

The idea that Mr. Hamilton would allow himself to get so worked up over his wife and Mariah (Camryn Grimes) battling it out at GC Buzz feels like a weak plot point. Yes, it’s fair to say that all slimy marks Hilary has made to this point served to form a collective punch in Devon’s gut.

But is is believable to have him explode after being told New Year’s Eve details by Mariah? This scribe says no. Suspending disbelief, all viewers agree to move forward anyway.

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Hilary sees herself as a victim in life, that’s why she overreacts to everything and attacks anyone who is believed to be a threat. However, Devon’s childhood and early life was arguably, if not provably, harder than his soul mate’s. Yet he doesn’t carry a fifty-foot chip on both shoulders.

‘Hevon’ fans turned blind eyes to this dysfunctional relationship since the beginning, which is likely similar to real world relationships that are enabled by hopeful personalities around the globe. This young couple did have chemistry. But far too many tribulations, both actual and invented, eventually caused its seeming end.

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