‘The Young and the Restless’ RUMOR: Alex Carries Dylan’s Child – Future Pregnancy Storyline Planted

'The Young and the Restless' RUMOR: Alex Carries Dylan's Child – Future Pregnancy Storyline PlantedDylan (Steve Burton) was forced into a no-win situation on ‘The Young and the Restless’. Alex (Jess Webb) put Derek into an untenable position while Burton’s character was on an undercover mission. Dylan knew he was betraying Sharon (Sharon Case), but had to play along in order to do his job.

Tough life, right guys? Well, when one thinks about it, Dylan’s decision was vexing. He’s being held captive by an armed bodyguard in a hotel room while Alex is attempting to determine if his false identity (Derek) is legitimate.

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Luther Fisk’s (no actor has yet been confirmed as playing this role) right-hand man, umm, right-hand woman, uh, right-hand person, or whatever faddish tag is improperly applied by whatever politically correct crew, told Dylan that his background checked out. However, no one who she and her team spoke to had ever seen him, which was suspicious. Then Amanda (also played by Case) rang Derek’s phone.

If viewers (and readers) are confused by the volume of names and intentionally hypersensitive titles that have been used in this article, welcome to life in 2017. Yes, common sense is gone. It’s been replaced by a bar that a mob of creative moralists want the world to jump over. The problem is no one is capable of reaching that invented utopian position.

Derek, who is Dylan, told Alex, who is only Alex, that the woman who called his cell phone was Amanda. He didn’t know who spoke to Alex, but had to think fast in order to protect his persona. Common sense enlightens all balanced minds, revealing that being a police officer isn’t an easy profession.

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Minds who believe in mob rule, along with others who have no actual experience with injustice, think Dylan’s profession is easy. Those who do have experience with injustice know that each incident represents a case-by-case basis and that all people, including police officers, deserve to be considered individually.

Viewers who value Case’s character recognize the fear she has for her husband’s safety, but still conclude that Sharon put his life in danger through her impulsive actions. Hardcore soap fans who’ve watched the genre for years know that it’s fair to guess that Alex may have conceived Dylan’s child. Of course this assumes that Fisk’s employee lives after Dylan is erased from the cast later this month.

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