General Hospital Spoilers: Nelle Makes Outrageous Claims After Man Landers Disaster, Carly Furious

General Hospital Spoilers: Nelle Makes Outrageous Claims After Man Landers Disaster, Carly FuriousGeneral Hospital spoilers tease that Nelle is willing to do just about anything to get Michael back. Yet, Nelle’s involvement in the Man Landers scandal will leave her in hot water. That’s when she decides to make an outrageous claim just to keep Michael close to her after this latest fiasco.

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Apparently, Nelle’s latest scheme with the Man Landers scandal will end up back firing in her face. After Michael catches wind of what’s going on, he will make up his mind about his future with Nelle. That’s when she decides to take matters into her own hands and makes up an outrageous claim before it’s too late.

Soon after everyone finds out about the Man Landers issue, Lulu and Maxie do a little investigating to find out exactly what is going on. It doesn’t take them very long to find out that Nelle is behind the leak. She didn’t just ruin things for Amy and Nathan, but she will also make Nina and Maxie pay for this, too.

Lulu then rushes to meet Michael after she finds out Nelle is connected to the scandal. Michael quickly dismisses any and all talk of reconciliation. Nelle has gone way too far this time around. That’s when Nelle comes up with the mother of bad ideas and claim that she is pregnant with Michael’s baby. A lot of people particularly Carly will be left both shocked and angry over her pregnancy announcement.


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