Neighbours Spoilers: Prisoner Star Val Lehman Joins Cast, Reunites With Colette Mann

Neighbours Spoilers: Prisoner Star Val Lehman Joins Cast, Reunites With Colette Mann The best things in life are worth waiting for and that’s definitely the case for former, Prisoner: Cell Block H, costars Val Lehman and current Neighbours actress Colette Mann.

It’s been three decades since the two starred in Prisoner, and now Lehman has been tipped for a guest role on the hit Aussie soap. Lehman will be paired onscreen opposite Mann who plays bartender Sheila Canning. Although Mann has been on Neighbours since 2012, she is probably best known to television viewers for her role as Doreen Burns in the series Prisoner.

According to Digital Spy, Lehman will be brought to Ramsay Street as an, “unexpected blast from Sheila’s colorful past.” Given their own rich history, we can’t wait to see these two stellar performers trading lines again.

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And it appears that the talented ladies feel exactly the same way! Speaking about her Neighbours stint, Lehman said, “It’s old home week for me and it’s nice working with Colette, because even after all these years the rapport is still there.”

Lehman said that she was surprised when show execs inquired about her appearing on the sudser, but that she was delighted to be asked. For her part, Mann was just as excited to be partnered with her old “prison buddy.” “It felt very comfortable working opposite each other again and we whipped through the scenes,” she said. No revealing details regarding Lehman’s role have yet been revealed, but the actress did let one attention-grabbing clue slip by.

She noted that during their time on Prisoner, her character (Bea) and Mann’s character (Doreen) were friends. But that’s not to be the case for their upcoming relationship on Neighbours! Lehman let it be known that the two ladies will be at odds with each other, but was careful not to disclose any other hints about their future interaction. Fans can expect this very special episode to air in December.

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