Neighbours Spoilers: Paige Smith and Mark Brennan Back Together – Sparks Fly Between Star-Crossed Lovers

Neighbours Spoilers: Paige Smith and Mark Brennan Back Together - Sparks Fly Between Star-Crossed LoversBet you’ll never guess who plays cupid for star-crossed lovers Paige Smith (Olympia Valance) and Mark Brennan In the end true love triumphs in Erinsborough and it’s none other than Elly Conway (Jodi Anasta) who takes on the role of matchmaker. Aw!

The loved up couple had been missing each other but it took a third party to bring them back together. After Elly and Mark broke up, she realized that she wanted her friend Paige back in her life.

What better way to re-gain a friend than to gift her with your ex? Anyway, Mark was Paige’s first after all, so maybe it was only right that Elly set things straight between Park.

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Once again the Aussie soap’s wishing tree plays a significant part in moving the plot forward. Sneaky Elly tells both Mark and Paige to meet her at the tree in order to help her to put up some new wishes.

Of course Elly’s helpful friends agree, but once the gorgeous singletons spy each other at the lush green tree they figure out they’ve been duped.

Initially Park aren’t happy at being tricked. But close-up pictures from the outdoor set show the lusty ex’s soon forget all about their past and set about building a new future.

Eventually these two friends and lovers confess their real feelings. To top it off they make their reunion official with a steamy kiss. Which by the way just happens to be witnessed by Jack Callahan (Andrew Morley) Paige’s ex. Of course he would just happen to be walking by!

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But just when everything seems to be champagne and roses, don’t count out Elly’s mixed feelings just yet.

A grateful Paige will try and thank Elly for her meddling, but Elly’s reaction may surprise you. Plus, there’s another third wheel in the equation!

Jack has an opinion about the newly minted couple, too. How does he react to their reunion?

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