Hollyoaks Spoilers: Shane Sweeney’s Shocking Return From The Dead

Hollyoaks Spoilers: Shane Sweeney's Shocking Return From The DeadHe’s baaaack! That’s right folks, Shane Sweeney (Michael Salami) is back from the dead on Hollyoaks, but it’s not a cause for celebration for his “mourners.”

What brings the bad guy back to town on Hollyoaks? A demand for thousands of dollars from a very shocked Darren Osbourne (Ashley Taylor Dawson).

So he didn’t die in the cliff fall after all? Guess not, even though Darren witnessed his lifeless body lying prone on the sand.

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Hollyoaks spoilers reveal that Darren is at Luke (Gary Lucy) and Mandy’s (Sarah Jayne Dunn) engagement party when the groom-to-be suggests that they take money from the safe at The Loft to pay off Shane. Do the two go for it? Let’s just say that if Shane doesn’t get his money, there’ll be heck to pay.

What’s that, Shane hasn’t seen the light and turned a corner after his near death experience? Maybe, maybe not, according to Salami.

In an interview with The Metro, the Hollyoaks actor threw out a few hints about Shane’s newest incarnation. Apparently the bad guy wants to be a better citizen going forward, but will his dark tendencies allow him to do so?

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“He is a changed man in a sense,” said Salami, “as he has been through a lot – he legit wants to be there for his boys. That’s his thing and he wants to be a good guy.” 

But Shane still wants to even the score with Darren. How he goes about doing so will be a fine line that shady Shane must walk, if he wants to also be a good dad to Hunter (Theo Graham) and Prince (Malique Thompson-Dwyer).

Surprisingly, Salami acknowledged that he knew, along with Hollyoaks showrunners, that Shane’s return was inevitable.

Was it hard for him to keep the Hollyoaks secret? You bet!

“I was getting messages every day,” he said, “so I had to just put shifty emoji eyes … I did want to tell people to stay tight but people thinking that he was dead was good. I wanted them to almost forget so when he arrives back it’s like BAM!”

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