Hollyoaks Spoilers: Death Shock For Sally St. Claire – Online Dating Takes Dramatic Turn

Hollyoaks Spoilers: Death Shock For Sally St. Claire?On “Hollyoaks,” Sally St Claire’s love life finally achieves liftoff, but is it doomed from the start? The pragmatic teacher goes on a date with a friendly, attractive woman and the two hit it off. But you know what they say about second dates!

TPTB have planned a heartbreaking storyline for Sally, with a conclusion that will leave viewers, and Sally in shock.

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Sally’s personal life has been a recent focus, with her friend Neeta showing her how to navigate the online dating scene. Despite Neeta’s input, Sally’s novice ways haven’t made it easy for her to find love online.

Things start to look up however when Neeta arranges for Sally to meet up with someone named Roberta. The ladies enjoy a lively conversation over a meal. Could Sally be on the road to happiness?

Her hopes are dashed however when Roberta exits abruptly after a getting a phone call. Sally frets that it may have been a pre-planned charade designed to get Roberta out of a bad date!

Nope, it was a real phone call Roberta explains, when she later asks Sally out a second time. The two meet up again, and things are going well until Simone shows up, putting a definite damper on things, but that’s nothing compared to that happens next: all of a sudden Roberta collapses and goes unconscious.

The poor lady has a fatal heart attack, and no one is able to revive her. Sally and Simone are understandably shaken and traumatized. How will this horrible turn of events affect Sally’s outlook on love?

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Annie Wallace took on the role of Sally St Claire in October 2015. She has the distinction of being the first transgender person to portray an ongoing transgender character in a British soap opera. Since her introduction Sally has been involved in plenty of sudsy soap plots, including a surprise storyline in which she was revealed as the biological parent of John Paul McQueen (James Sutton).

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