Hollyoaks Spoilers: Big Summer Whodunnit – Zack Attacked! Who Pushed Him?

Hollyoaks Spoilers: Big Summer Whodunnit - Zack Attacked! Who Pushed Him?On “Hollyoaks,” lusty young Zack Loveday has a terrible tumble down a flight of steps: does it have anything to do with his reignited cougar romance with Leela Lomax? Lots of people disapproved of the illicit liaison, did one of them try and push Zack out of the picture permanently?

Zack and firefighter Leela sizzled as a couple, but when the May-December fling flung out into the open, it was scorned by many. His dad Louis was apprehensive since their coupling could result in the truth that Louis is baby Daniel’s dad coming out. Agreeing with Louis, Leela dumped Zack.

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But explosive show spoilers reveal that Zack’s life is about to take yet another drastic tumble! His sister Lisa gets involved when she learns that Zack may leave for Belgium in order to take up with his ex, Sonia. Lisa hates both Sonia Albright, and the thought that her brother would get involved with her again.

Taking matters into her own sneaky hands, Lisa enlists the help of Tegan Lomax, Leela’s sibling and they conspire to get Leela and Zack back together.

Leela and Zack meet, and things begin to get steamy until she remembers her promise to steer clear of the young hunk. Quick thinking firefighter Leela quickly douses the fire between them, and poor Zack gets the cold shoulder again. Not at all happy with the failed hookup, Zack leaves in an angry state of mind. But before he can reach the sidewalk, he slips and falls on the steps and ends up in a crumpled ball.

Did the incensed young man get tangled up in his own hasty feet, or was there a more sinister reason he fell?

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Explosive show spoilers reveal that a number of people will become suspects in Zack’s accident. Could his own father have pushed him to keep his secret from seeing the light of day? Or could stalker DS Gavin Armstrong be behind the dirty deed in order to keep Leela unattached?

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