Hollyoaks Spoilers: Warren Fox And Grace Black Attacked, Taken Hostage

Hollyoaks Spoilers: Warren Fox And Grace Black's Attacked, Taken HostageIs blood about to be spilled in the tranquil village of, “Hollyoaks?” Lives are in danger when violent thugs target an innocent couple on the hit sudser, and it’s far from certain that both will escape with their lives.

Warren Fox and Grace Black are simply in the wrong place at the wrong time when intruders arrive at The Loft looking for payback. Apparently Bart McQueen owes them money, and they show up to collect by any means necessary. Unfortunately for the mismatched pair, Bart isn’t there, but they are!

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The warring pair are in the bar office when the robbers arrive and ratchet up the drama a notch or three. They decide that Warren will do as a substitute for the missing Bart in the meantime! But Warren and Grace don’t go down without a fight, and in the end they find both themselves handcuffed to the same pipe. Awkward!

With their hostages conveniently out of the way, the thieves then go about trying to find something of value at The Loft. Little do they know that they have just paired up the last two people on earth who want to be stuck together.

For now the blonde bombshell and the handsome hunk have no choice but to tolerate each other. But their survival depends on much more; can they work together to set themselves free? That remains to be seen!

Viewers wouldn’t be surprised to see the two argumentative individuals turn on each other rather than stay cool, calm, and collected. Just how badly they want to join forces and put their feelings behind them is key to their survival. Do they have it in them to ditch the past and work toward ensuring their future?

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And is so, what kind of future is in store? Is it beyond the pale to think that these two feisty characters might forge a beautiful friendship? Stranger things have happened in Hollyoaks!

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