General Hospital: The Truth About Those Kelly Monaco Exit Rumors

General Hospital: The Truth About Those Kelly Monaco Exit RumorsIs Kelly Monaco leaving ‘General Hospital?’ That’s what a lot of fans can’t help but wonder as there’s a new GH rumor that suggests the brunette beauty’s days on the hit daytime soap might be numbered.  At this time there is absolutely no reason to believe there’s any truth to those rumors.

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Viewers have noticed that Sam’s recent hallucinations and bizarre behavior and fear producers and writers are looking to kill off her character.

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Kelly has been on the show as Samantha Morgan since 2003. Right now no one really knows what’s going on with Sam, including her husband Jason.

Spoilers indicate that she might have cancer, just like her son Danny had. Sam and Danny might share a genetic flaw that makes them both more susceptible to this potentially fatal illness. And if that turns out to be true, then that means Kelly might be already planning her exit from ‘General Hospital.’

But then again, if Kelly does end up leaving ‘General Hospital’ that doesn’t necessarily mean that her television career is over.

After all, she’s enjoyed plenty of success over the last few years thanks to her stint on ‘Dancing With The Stars’ and as a burlesque dancer at the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. Knowing how ambitious and career-oriented she is, fans know they’ll be seeing Kelly make headlines one way or another.

So far Kelly Monaco has not made any comments about whether or not she plans on leaving or staying on ‘General Hospital.’ But, Sam Morgan has more lives than a cat, and considering all the near-death experiences she has faced, the odds of her actually being killed off are slim to none.  The character appears invincible.

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  1. Sarai123 says

    And here I was just thinking she was experiencing postpartum depression with a mix of fear of Helena’s curse she put on her.

  2. Donna Tomesco says

    I don’t think I’d want to see her leave…I just wish they’d make her a happier character. She’s always so serious.

  3. Elaine Andrusia says

    She possibly has post partum depression

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