General Hospital Spoilers: Flat Out, Full Blast, GH Feuds With A Vicious Twist [Promo]

General Hospital Spoilers: Flat Out, Full Blast, GH Feuds With A Vicious Twist [Promo]General Hospital spoilers tease that we will have some unexpected events heading our way! Here’s a sneak peek!

The newest ABC General Hospital video promo teases “Flat out, full blast, GH feuds with a vicious twist.” So GH is really heating up and we have some action packed stuff just around the corner.

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In the video you see Jason Morgan (Billy Miller) and Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth) going toe to toe! This is not surprising at all given their past, but the big question here is where are they at during this fight?

Could it be that Franco Baldwin takes a trip to Cassadine Island as well? Spoilers suggest that in an attempt to save Jake (Hudson West) that Franco will make a surprising move.

Then we see a couple of different clips involving Anna Devane (Finola Hughes). First she is seen with Jordan Ashford (Vinessa Antoine).

Jordan asks Anna how long did she think she could hide from her. Well, the thing is, is it really Anna and will she know who Jordan is? She sure didn’t recognize Nathan West (Ryan Peavy!

Then we have Anna and Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart) in what looks to be Valentin confronting Anna. It seems like he may be starting to figure out what she has been up to, but just how much does he know?

We also have Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) walking in on her soon to be ex-husband Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) with her divorce attorney Martina (Daya Vaidya) and they seem to be having a deep conversation until Carly interrupts them. She asks them “What is this?” So how will they talk their way out of this one.

Carly was already suspicious the first time she seen them alone talking and now she will most certainly be even more suspicious. Do you think she will put two and two together? Will she figure out that Sonny and Martina have something going on? It’s very possible. Stay tuned to ABC’s General Hospital to find out! Don’t forget to check often with Soap Opera Spy for all your latest General Hospital spoilers, news, updates and much more.

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  1. Bonnie Allen says

    I wish it were a year ago, before Morgan became ill, before he died, before Carly & Sonny were getting a divorce, before a lot of these GH sagas became so filled with intense hate, deceit & violence. When did it all become more like a Forensics story, than a romantic fun soapy one? I am feeling more and more discouraged by GH’s storylines. I may quit watching, especially now with Tracy gone, and get a p/t job. Who needs all this unhappy drama? NOT me!

  2. Richgeana White says

    Well if Sonny is talking to her lawyer or sleeping with her Carly has no reason to say anything when she couldn’t wait to throw herself at Jack like some whore when Sonny came to tell her he never slept with Nelle which I suspected she made him think she did but Carly going to get mad because he didn’t tell her Nelle was a snake he wasn’t sure himself what was going on with her how quickly Carly forgets she was too excepting of Nelle almost immediately finding out she was Joseline’s kidney donor I knew the way Jax was acting when she just showed up he new more about the situation then any of them amazing she could just forgive Jax when he set all that in motion he should have told Carly right away when that bitch showed up Carly was busy being a hypocrite can’t hold Sonny to outrageous standards but you can just whore around whenever you feel like it with the man that caused a lot of the pain that happened with Nelle I knew no way Carly was going to Australia with Jax because she still loves Sonny but want him to be pandering around after her that’s not who he is especially after he seen she did in fact sleep with Jax and that was on some revenge tactic because she thought Nelle slept with Sonny and Joseline trying so hard to get Carly & Jax back together all I could think of is why don’t she just shut up if Carly was going to go back to Jax she would have been done it she can’t get Sonny out her system and she’s really going to want revenge if she see him in any intimate situations with her lawyer he’s banged her once already . Carly find out about these two sleeping together she will be real upset & jealous then look out hell hath no fury like a woman scorned but she would have brought whatever she gets on herself she’s only doing this evil sh*t because Sonny had Jax deported how childish of them both to be acting so silly

  3. Richgeana White says

    I didn’t think she was Anna because she’s acting to weird so this must be Anna’s twin that means she’s holding Anna somewhere she’s definitely going to get caught with game she’s playing with Valentin he’s not totally stable mentally and he forgets Nina isn’t totally mentally stable either and this is when she can do bad things when she’s insecure she’s losing her man or a child which she has been obsessed with having fr a while. I trying to find out what game Nelle is up to by telling Nina a lie she knows damn well Valentin was on the docks with Anna / twin ??? and she has a right to be worried because he still loves whichever one he originally slept with the minute she starts talking about their alleged meeting he gets sentimental she draws him in he obviously still has feelings for her almost like they trying to put him with Anna and I would rather she be with Andrea who warned her spending to much time obsessing over what Valentin wouldn’t tell her would be a dangerous game to be playing he heard that she was recording him and he was worried for her safety besides she’s not taking her treatments which is surprising no one is really paying attention to that but Griffin perfect sign she’s not Anna because Anna was really sick and needed those treatments

  4. Richgeana White says

    I think it was creepy Valentin, Jake, & Jason all remembered that weird dragon , lion, snake looking thing that of course had something to do with Cassindine Island and Helena terrorizing everyone after death i’m getting tired of Maxine being gone let her stay gone find a woman who’s going to stick around for Nathan and not nosy Amy

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