‘General Hospital’ RUMOR: Will Alicia Minshew Bring ‘All My Children’ Character Kendall to GH?

Is there about to be a star-studded, “All My Children,” reunion at, “General Hospital?” If a hot new rumor is true, GH could be about to gain an influx of former, popular ABC soap stars, starting with Alicia Minshew (ex Kendall Hart Slater)!

When ABC’s super soaps, “All My Children,” and, “One Life to Live,” were canceled several years ago, Prospect Park picked up the rights to the shows and aired them on Hulu. Both shows were given cast and storyline overhauls that made them unrecognizable to their audiences. Not surprisingly, the juiced-up shows never caught on.

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ABC once again has the rights to AMC and OLTL, and rumors about the shows, and their characters, are running rampant! Social media is buzzing about the possibility of one or both shows returning to the airwaves.

There’s also speculation about popular characters being blended into GH, the only remaining ABC soap. It’s been done in the past, when OLTL characters Todd and Starr Manning (Roger Howarth, Kristen Alderson) and John McBain (Michael Easton) appeared briefly in Port Charles.

Now, Minshew is fanning the flames that her former character Kendall, daughter of the legendary Erica Kane (Susan Lucci) could be next to pop up in Port Charles.

In a recent interview with Soapcentral.com the actress expressed definite interest in reviving the vixen character with a heart of gold.

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Minshew gave loyal soap fans hope when she said she was not opposed to portraying Kendall on GH, and proclaimed that Kendall was one of the best roles she’d had in her career.

“So it’s a hard one to top,” she stated, “but if someone brought her back to another show? That’s very interesting…I say why not!”

What do you think soap fans? Would you like to see Minshew on GH, possibly trading barbs with Rebecca Budig (Hayden) who portrayed her former nemesis Greenlee on AMC?

Let us know what you think in the comments section below!

The rights to both defunct soap operas – ‘One Life to Live’ and AMC have reverted back to ABC and an ABC exec recently revealed that they are discussing what to do with those rights. The current discusssion revolves around using some of the characters on ‘General Hospital’.

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  1. ceecee says

    I do not want to see anymore AMC or OLTL characters on GH, there are more characters than they can write for already. If they want AMC or OLTL they should just bring them back as one. At least they had crossover connections.

  2. scoma60 says

    Not just No! but Hell No!! I loved AMC & OLTL and would love to see them return. That doesn’t mean I want them on GH though. GH’s #1 problem is its cast size.It messes up pacing, scenes are only 30-40 seconds long & TPTB can not effectively manage a show with that many characters. They need to cut 8-10 characters & it would tighten up every storyline.

    1. Tan says

      I agree with you bring back all my children and one life to live general hospital has to many characters

  3. Kevin Pham says

    YESS plesase come ALICIA ,come to GENERAL hospital we don’t mind you are so much better than SAM!! CASE CLOSED!! The GH fans who are triggered are upset they don’t want to lose their moments of seeing SAM with JASON 247 lmaooo😁 😆 😅 😂 🤣
    we are ready to watch GH if Kendall arrives!! please come on by the water is fine 😁 😆 😅 😂 🤣

  4. dorisnshipp says

    It’s good as long as they don’t bring Susan Lucci back!

  5. Violet Lemm says

    Oh, would love to see Kendall again. Really miss the AMC cast, except for Erica Kane maybe. Alicia would give the GH women a run for their money.They would pale in comparison.

  6. Michael James Bradley says

    Bring back AMC and OLTL as one-hour, one-day-a-week shows and see how that goes.
    They could take the place of whatever crap is on before GH (AMC on Tuesday & OLTL on Thursday).
    Smaller doses could (hopefully) mean better storylines without the fill-in.

  7. CS says

    Where is Claudette???? She is my fave one life to live actress!

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